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    Well done! Good guitar tones and loved the vocals.
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    Sorry for being an idiot last week.

    The only person you could hurt is yourself by breaking the rules. The fact that you’re still here tells me not much damage was done.
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    I'm gonna plant me a steak garden!

    “Plant a steak garden......” sounds like another way of taking the dirt road home if you know what I mean.
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    What are you doing tonight?

    Going to the dolla stoe.
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    Any certified pilots here?

    Not many pilots here but most of us flew over the cuckoo’s nest.
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    I'm renaming Vic "The Punnisher".

    My Little Puney.
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    Utah woman charged after going topless in front of stepkids inside own home

    Hard to believe a law like this would still have support. I don’t think the charges are going to hold up.
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    South Florida weather forecast: Possible falling iguanas

    You people are cold blooded.
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    South Florida weather forecast: Possible falling iguanas

    I bet there are a lot of frightened turtles on the beach too.
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    South Florida weather forecast: Possible falling iguanas

    Wish I was in, Tijuana.....
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    DR Tite Fits and Gotoh locking tuners on a LP - how to restring

    I used Tite Fits for a few years with locking tuners and never crimped. I was playing so much at the time that I changed strings every ten days so I went through a lot of sets. Never had a problem.
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    Actual people pics, Smiling or just showing teeth?

    The wife walked in as I was checking out this thread. First thing she saw was Rosie's face. "Oh god what a horrible thing to see this early in the morning." :rofl:
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    Guitars with tiddies... Still hot?

    My gut tells me you’d sit on the Jackson longer than you’d want or lose $$$ on the deal. Your DC LP will never go out of style and the right buyer will come along if you can be patient.
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    Guitars with tiddies... Still hot?

    Jackson has made some killer graphics series guitars. That one is a little too cheesy in my opinion though. What would you be giving up for it?
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    Seriously? My behavior was considered PREDATORY???

    Sounds like something that would happen in Portland. Except the “woman” would have an Adam’s apple, blue hair, and more hair on knuckles than a goddamn silverback.

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