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    The Boys (amazon prime) Season 2 is coming early September.

    I got turned on to this show from you guys here talking about it. I’m hooked.
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    Sacked over Hitler meme?

    That’s goofy.
  3. Lungo

    New Car Day!!!!!!!!

    Cool car!
  4. Lungo

    Two "Stunt" Guitarists Ruin the Stew?Lynyrd FEZZ?

    I have conversations with my backyard chickens sometimes. Are you broody?
  5. Lungo

    I ate too much pasta last night

    How much is too much?
  6. Lungo

    I'm having a bad day

    Cat and truck back at home = good day!
  7. Lungo

    Dildo thief

    waiting for M&M to chime in with a story about seaman.
  8. Lungo

    What kind of mask are you rocking?

    You forgot the “d” in bandana. Or did you.........?
  9. Lungo

    Getting tired of life in general.

    Having a pet helps.
  10. Lungo

    Diesel Cows

    They’re milking this environmental stuff.
  11. Lungo

    Ok, I admit it! I'm stock_hippie!

    I am Spartacus.
  12. Lungo

    Whats your favorite go to hot sauce?

    Same for my wife and I. We love this sauce.
  13. Lungo

    Anyone here do the "One in, one out" rule?

    I regret getting rid of some guitars and amps just to justify getting something else. I’m never selling another guitar.

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