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    FS: 2005 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

    I swear, i need to get a job. GLWTS! It's a beauty.
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    Epiphone's great article on the Dot and Sheraton II guitars...

    Really, really cool to read about these guitars. Thanks for posting!
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    '67 es335

    If only...:hyper: I was able to play my friend's (same model year) for about 5 minutes before he ripped it out of my hands (I was getting a little raunchy with it) Amazing guitar for great price. Good luck with the sale!
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    NGD - Epiphone Dot MIK

    I have the same model. Great guitar, beautiful sound. Especially for such a low price. Only difference is I picked mine up with the pick guard. :slash:
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    50s Les Paul conversion

    We are not worthy :bowdown
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    The Making of a Gibson Custom Guitar

    loved reading this :thumb:
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    57ish LP Gold Top Build

    Loving this build! Can't wait to see the finished product! :dude:
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    The Ebay "Fraudulant" Listing Thread!

    Little help with a DG 335. Looks to be real, matching case and COA, but with all the fakes out there i'm just being cautious. Any thoughts will help: Gibson Custom Dave Grohl DG335 Black Color Electric Guitar | eBay
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    NGD!- RM Olson DG-335 Kit

    Awesome. Simply awesome. Can't wait to see how it comes out!
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    WTB Gibson DG-335

    Beautiful guitars. I will be posting here again in a second life when i have the money. :hyper:

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