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    Epiphone differences vs Gibson.

    Wait, you PLAY your LP? O.O I thought you were supposed to cuddle with it...
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    People are so stupid...

    I text behind the wheel, but only when the car is not moving and is off the road. Most of the time with the engine off too.
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    Epiphone differences vs Gibson.

    I liked the finish on them too. It's matte, but it didn't seem that cheap. Finally, a Gibson that is priced right :D
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    Epiphone differences vs Gibson.

    They are actually nice. Can't wait til they show up in a used market.
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    Berklee audition help

    Show up drunk and in a top hat?
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    les paul upgrade/mods

    See, there's your problem. Seriously, gear will make more improvement to your tone than any upgrade to the guitar. Squier into a sweet amp=:thumb: Gibson into a chitty amp=:confused:
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    Epiphone differences vs Gibson.

    My epi has lasers :thumb:
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    not happy at all with seymour duncans

    Congratulations, you have a taste in things.
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    Possible problem with new amp

    You got the warranty, it's brand new, it doesn't satisfy you-take it back.
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    Epiphone differences vs Gibson.

    Ahhh damn you got me there. I'm gonna go cry in the corner, don't interrupt me.
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    Epiphone differences vs Gibson.

    I have :naughty: As a percussion instrument.
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    Do all New Gibsons Smell like Brownies?

    No, they smell like playdough.
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    spent my cash at last, on this.....

    southpark - nice - YouTube
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    The Best Reverb Pedal

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