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    Firebird/mini hums

    I recall a wise person on here suggesting dropping the height of the ceramic Firebird pups, which takes out some of the harshness and grain. I do love the sound of the neck PU in these, though.
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    Difference between Yellow Gloss & Yellow TV

    Here's mine, which is definitely 'yellow' with a gloss finish.
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    Almost centered

    I still have that guitar :)
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    Brand new LesPaul with very crooked tailpiece

    Something looks odd there. Forget about the tail for a minute, let's look at the bridge. Just checked my Custom which has a higher than average neck angle, the bridge is almost exactly level across the board, maybe just a tad higher on the bass side. Now I know every guitar is different...
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    NGD...long time in the making: 1996 Classic PremiumPlus

    That ticks all the right boxes for me. Thin neck, great top, ABR bridge and Classic 57s. :)
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    Tail piece height

    The recommended method is that you raise the tailpiece just enough so the strings clear the back of the bridge. However, this often raises a few points of discussion; Some say if you bolt the tail right down, you get better sustain, as there is better mechanical coupling between the...
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    I'll just leave this jem here...

    Hope that's not a 2017 prototype... :shock:
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    1989 vs 1981

    It's what works for you. If it's original, the '81 should have Tim Shaw pickups which are quite sought after. I have an 1980 Custom in Natural and that's one heavy guitar with a three-piece maple neck, but I wouldn't swap it.
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    Mid 90s Classics

    Word has it that the most desirable Classics were made between 1990 and 1992. The nickel hardware on those ages beautifully too.
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    I just bought my first Les Paul, now having regrets. Thoughts?

    Can't help but agree with what's being said here. A Les Paul is something you aspire towards. What you don't aspire towards is a Classic that is no longer a Classic, has three knobs, a stupidly wide neck and a brass nut. There are plenty of very decent LPs out there. Don't rule out a 2014...
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    Pelham Blue 2016 Firebird

    I'm curious to know if anyone has tried one of these yet. Just looking at the pics and they look very sweet indeed.
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    Tell me anout the LP Faded Special Double Cut/ LP Junior Lite

    I can highly recommend these, if you can find one. Late 1990's DC Special, with neck binding, ABR bridge as standard and P90's.
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    1990 Les Paul Classic

    :photos: I don't know if you are aware but those early Classics are quite highly regarded. I have a 92 and it's a great sounding guitar. Does yours still have the original 498R/500T* pickups on there? Some people change them out but I quite like them. *Corrected.
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    my LP Traditional doesn't sound good

    With a screwdriver. :naughty:
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    Junior Experts - Help Buy First Gibson

    The gloss ones from 2011 are great guitars - I have one in Tobacco Sunburst. When I bought it, I first tried the satin (vintage gloss) finish and it just sounded a bit, well, dull. The gloss one was (and is) an absolute tone monster by comparison.

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