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    What song says "Gibson" to you?

    great ac/dc song, but it's actually one of theirs that's easier to imagine on a non-gibson (say a tele).
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    2016 LP Traditional Iced Tea - Over 3 Years on the same strings?!

    that's wild. there is a thing about old strings where they're first horrible but as they get older they turn nice again, in a different way from new strings. works great on basses, acoustics and strats. haven't tried it on an lp.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    honestly I became even more critical of them after I got a bunch. Sure they're mostly fine and/or great, but there's so much to criticize given the prices.
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    78-79 The Paul neck profile?

    got the guitar. the neck starts off thin at the first fret and gets to a nice size as you go up. definitely more comfy than say a thin '60s slim' or a 'modern C'. the shoulders also help, i was worried the neck would be too 'crampy'. the sustain on this guitar is pretty wild.
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    78-79 The Paul neck profile?

    i have a 1978 on the way, probably a better deal than the new ones. will add my opinion of the neck too once i get to spend some time with it.
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    78-79 The Paul neck profile?

    thanks for the replies, and thanks for the measurements judson.
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    78-79 The Paul neck profile?

    Hi, I've been curious about the neck thickness of the first/second year production walnut The Pauls. I understand that it varied from guitar to guitar, has anyone had experience with multiple early The Paul guitars? There are bits of info regarding their necks on this forum, but I haven't been...
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    What Were They Thinking?

    it's cool, wouldn't mind owning
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    Do R9s hold their value?

    the value fluctuates. a decade from now the story might be different on the 'good as new/excellent' ones.
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    Warhol style: 2 Brazilians, a 60th Anniversary & a True Historic

    i like how a TH is referred to as a 'beater'. not even my squire strat is a beater.
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    Makeover has begun

    could have gotten a luthier replica for that money, maybe a yaron (if they're even on the market)
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    Has anybody replaced the pickups in a 2019 60th Anniversary R9 yet?

    if you do go for OX4, get the mediums. they'll be closer in output and sound to your custombuckers. i had a low output ox4 set and it was way too bright and lacking in punch. the mediums sounded much better after i switched them out. current lp has its custombuckers though, don't plan switching...
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    Oh no! What Have I Done?

    first world problems, not that there's any other type here.
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    QC comedy or strange damage?

    Not really, too attached already.

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