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    GAS'n for '58 Historic. I probably shouldn't, but I might.

    no potential issue. either the guitar needs a set up or the string is fautly.
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    Historic Les 'em!

    Good ol' R8 (2018)
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    Finish and Color for new M2M .

    those pics look like honey/lemon to me. what makes the green 'green'?
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    Please help me! I’m looking for an R9 in the 7lbs range

    7.5 is about as close as you'll get to 7 range without a hollowed out body, and that's very rare to begin with. good luck.
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    NGD: Custom Shop Modern Standard

    Good to know.
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    NGD: Custom Shop Modern Standard

    being the two big brands since back in the day, I don't think you're disqualified for mentioning Fender. Also, it's one of the few other brands to build really fat necks, that's all. i'm just tired of hearing that term thrown around about the historics. baseball bat to me implies unplayable or...
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    NGD: Custom Shop Modern Standard

    I know the newer reissues are slimmer on all (burst) years, but I've never really touched an R8 with 1 inch thickness at fret 1. To me that is baseball bat - like. I still feel Fender is more guilty of the bats in general.
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    NGD: Custom Shop Modern Standard

    try a nocaster, or maybe a pre-57
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    NGD: Custom Shop Modern Standard

    58s were never baseball bats imo
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    What's your favorite pickups?

    custombuckers and ox4 medium winds (a4)
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    info on a new R0 I have purchased (2018) , came with standard (not reflector) knobs

    you lucked out on the hats imo, but that's just me
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    Does anyone make a modernized ABR ?

    pigtail is probably the most accurate option though
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    How are you liking the "tall/narrow" frets on your R-8?

    the string drags less, not more. tall narrow is objectively better for bends imo, unless you're too stubborn or too obsessed with the old frets. narrow frets also intonate better and require less maintenance. the main disadvantage is if you press too hard.
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    GAS success stories

    too easy - buy favorite guitar that's too expensive and go broke in the process.