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    This sounds not bad

    No it was Neural. Their soldano. Helix’s is very similar
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    This sounds not bad

    Im waiting for my helix and my helix native demo expired so I was messing around and tried this setup into my v30 cab. This is a usable tone, but not really practical. End of video shows what’s powering it.
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    A tribute, not a replica:)

    Plays really well but not crazy about the pickup. It’s a work in progress.
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    A tribute, not a replica:)

    Wanted to do this since I saw the original on display at the Met. Allot of things are off but it’s just for fun
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    New Gibson - QC issues?

    Keep in mind that it’s possible to have an aesthetically perfect guitar that sounds like ass.
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    A Phaez clip. Just because :)

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    A very special NGD

    Thanks everyone. I am indeed lucky. Man this guitar is way better than I anticipated. It sounds fantastic just the way it is. Lots of tones in there. Pretty versatile. Surprisingly light too. I haven’t weighed it but it’s definitely under 10.
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    A very special NGD

    A bit of a story. I’ve been with the company I work for for 36 years and I’ve been at my current position for 30 years. My boss wanted to do something special for me so he contacted my wife and asked if they could send us on an all inclusive vacation. My wife, being the angel that she is said...
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    So are Phaez amps still popular here? I'm finally going to buy one.

    So I think I might have had one of the first ones of these because I was at the beginning of the mega thread with my daisy cutter in 2009. I’ve cycled through allot of amps since that time but I’ve only kept 3 and the daisy cutter is one of them. It’s a versatile little workhorse that didn’t...
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    How are the Les Paul 08-12 fully chambered models?

    I’ve got a 2008 that I’ve had for 13 years and it’s the main guitar I use with my band. It’s definitely different sounding than my R8 but we play hard/classic/blues rock and at volume, live, It’s negligible. The weight is great. 7 lbs something. I’ve never had any issues with feedback.
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    What do you think is the best Marshall amp ever made?

    My old buddy here has been with me for almost 34 years. We’re been some nasty places together and it’s always been the perfect wingman.
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    Modding a Traynor YBA-1 for more gain as a first amp project?

    After the mods but not cranked. It’s actually pretty quiet in those clips. I do have a PPIMV and it was rolled back quite a bit. I don’t have a heck of allot of gain in the preamp so it does sound like a stock YBA-1 when not cranked up too loud. If I run it in the zone it’s way too loud to play...
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    Modding a Traynor YBA-1 for more gain as a first amp project?

    Like @Soul Tramp said they are one of the best you’re going to find. You could do what I did and mod the crap out of it or take a simpler approach. If you’re looking for that superlead plexi vh sound the biggest hurdle is the yba1 was really a bass amp of course. As such there is allot of bass...
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    Treble booster! TI Boost, Bsm RM, or Beano Boost?

    Love my treble boost
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    Soldering iron - what wattage for pedal boards, etc.

    I used a 40w until I bought a hakko. I never burned any traces. I think the most dangerous thing is using a solder wick where you tend to leave it on there a little too long.

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