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    CC15 Wood Grains

    Although a few on this forum will bemoan the fact that Greg's '58 is quite plain, I LOVE the tops Gibson has put on the CC15's. Some are truly beautiful and unique. The reason I bought mine was because of the cool wood grain. I wouldn't have bought it as a plain top. And thank goodness, as my...
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    What are the good years for an R8?

    Wildwood had a few R8's made with a 60's neck shape. A buddy of mine has one made in 2014, and he loves it. Maybe look into finding one of those?
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    NGD Ace Frehley Aged

    Beautiful, stunning.... Killer looking Ace! Congrats!
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    NGD 2014 R8 VOS Bourbon Burst?

    Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy it to the fullest.
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    Cc#15 neck shape?

    My 2013 CC15 has the most comfortable neck I've ever played. Smaller neck than my 2007 R9 and with way less shoulder. Mine has a slight V shape frets 1-5. .900 at the first fret.
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    Fleet of CC # 15 at Dave's

    I think Dave ordered them to have more flame and figure.
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    NGD.... ITs Here ITs HERE!

    First off, the top on that guitar is gorgeous!!! Congrats! But I do see what you mean about the fretboard. Even in the pic from Gibson it looks light and dry. IMHO not what Gibson should be putting on guitars at this price point. Hopefully some doses of Fret Doctor will get it up to snuff...
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    Highly figured Collectors Choice #15 Greg Martin

    With this run I'm seeing these almost more as really cool and unique R8's than a CC. I find these guitars way more appealing than any of the TH's I've seen come out so far this year. Much better price too.
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    Highly figured Collectors Choice #15 Greg Martin

    I'm most digging the 3rd one down. I wish I had the $$$. It'd be coming to stay at my house.
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    Highly figured Collectors Choice #15 Greg Martin

    Whether they look like the original or not, if I had the $$$ I'd take any of the four posted just above me. I love those kind of tops. Very unique and interesting. Dare I say, I like those more than the typical flametops?
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    Cc 34

    Most of the ones I've seen have been in the 9 pound range if not over. And sellers are majorly discounting them on Reverb, or at least they were the last time I looked a few months ago. I don't dig the guitar. I think the concept is just plain ridiculous. I'd love to see the reaction if an owner...
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    Highly figured Collectors Choice #15 Greg Martin

    If Dave's did order them to be Flamey, it's not Gibson's fault. That said, if he didn't then Gibson has some explaining to do. I love the CC15. Mine is the best playing Les Paul I've ever owned or played. But yeah, these flamed tops are a little weird for this model.
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    Highly figured Collectors Choice #15 Greg Martin

    Is it possible that Dave's ordered these CC15's with a more flamey top?
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    Zitrone '07 R9

    Nice looking guitar! Very nice!!!
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    NGD: Ace Frehley '59 Vintage Gloss AF056

    That's killer!!!! Enjoy !

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