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    Every once is a while a badass is born...

    Man's man. I'll bet he was the guy 20yds up ahead on every run. Nothing but respect. K
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    FT: Dumble Overdrive Special Head - HRM Circuit - 100% Original

    Well............. You don't see one of those come up every day. K
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    The raccoons are riding feral hogs into battle against the opossums! The mainstream media will not cover this!

    Huh Possums.......Sorry, O'Possums.......are clearly bigger than I thought they were. K
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    NGD: Gretsch G5420T

    "This" interesting. I had no idea. Angus on a Gretsch? All those Townsend tunes? :shock: Gretsch's never appealed to me. Hell I've got Steve's guitar sitting in a case at home. Got two axes in a deal which included it and a.....the guitar I was really after....... 1979 Washburn...
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    Mass shooting in Michigan ...

    Brother I am so sorry to hear of this. I hope it works out man. This plaintive message moved my heart. I know of / been part of similar family situations. Be strong as you can be. K
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    Happy Birthday Roberteaux!

    Happy Birthday Brother. Keep cool man. Kevin
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    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    I play a Classic. It's my # 1 It's in the avatar. Mine's a 2005. I pulled out those ceramics and dropped in a 50's kit & some Sheptone's. Great playing & sounding axe. Love that 60's neck. Highly recommend. K
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    My Big, Fat Diet Thread

    Robert That is something man. You haven't really mentioned this but you must feel an incredible sense of accomplishment and pride in doing what you did. No easy feat. A sort of "if I want to do, it can happen" thing which is so good for the...
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    What to do in Nashville

    B.B. Kings The Strip K
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    Favorite concert you attended?

    So many Saw Zep in April 1970 Saw Queen with Thin Lizzy (Gary Moore) as the opening act. Saw J. Geils Band.......blew the doors off the place. However one concert that has always stood out was Chris Cornell. It was after Audioslave. He was playing a casino venue with Peter Thorn as his axe...
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    The Dingus & one of the greatest actors who ever lived
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    Let's be frank

    He did it his way ========================================= He did it anyway he wanted. ========================================= K
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    What's the big deal with Slash?

    Probably not. Less to do with the level of musicianship as opposed to just good timing and luck. There are fabulous bands and guitar players who have trouble rubbing two dimes together. K
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    What's the big deal with Slash?

    I always thought that Velvet Revolver was a better band than GnR. Scott a better singer than Axel. K

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