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    Some Flame for Friday!

    Not a Les Paul so please forgive me
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    Some Flame for Friday!

    Same sofa different guitars..
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    Some Flame for Friday!

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    NGD bought this a few weeks ago 9 9125

    I'm not a clown burst fan at all... in person it's a not clownish at all's the one in the center . I'd call it more red tea.
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    NGD bought this a few weeks ago 9 9125

    Murphy painted and aged 40th anniversary 59 reissue done for Vintage world ...This one plays and sounds as good as she looks. I've been kinda following this guitar for a long time and things fell together at the right time..
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    Gibson announces Nacho ’59 Les Paul series of 7lb tone monsters!

    I only have two things to say .. I owned the original boat anchor and I have a tone monster 60th anniversary R9 I bought from Mark that weighs 7lbs 12oz non- weight re is a picture of the boat anchor 9 8095 it weighed over 10lbs it sounded great too one of the best sounding Les...
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    ABR-1 non wired bridge question

    I had this problem on a 2007 R0 so I removed the wire ...still had a rattle ..upon further inspection I noticed the bridge was leaning slightly toward the tail piece ..I took the bridge in both hands and pulled it back toward the bridge pickup and the rattle was gone.. I did this with full...
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    PMed you a few mins ago
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    Monster Top

    There was a time when I have the thirst for flame..
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    NGD 2019 60th Anniversary LP

    Great looking guitar you have there ....Tequila Sunrise ...The glass on the right was probably a 1960
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    Dr Vintage CTS pots and caps

    I played that guitar with them installed and it sounded awesome..
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    Sold Please Delete ...Thanks!

    price drop bump $250 paypaled and delivered conus
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    Sold Please Delete ...Thanks!

    I would take $275.00
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    Sold Please Delete ...Thanks!

    Long leads ..12in and 14in Just removed them from a recent purchase..Please note they are white and black not cream and black...

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