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    Greetings from Cincinnati, Ohio

    I have a 2006 Gibson Les Paul too congrats ! and :welcome: to MLP.
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    I think I found my next vacation destination

    N.Korea Kim Jong-Un says its nice & COVID-FREE! :rofl:
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    My Beatles Collection

    Fitting place to wish Sir Ringo a happy 80th b-day!
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    If I had a machete id name it Jason.
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    What was your route through the world of guitars

    But the floor is a solid place to do legdrops on your favorite guitar DUH!
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    RIP Charlie Daniels

    Big Loss terrific guitarist RIP.
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    100 Greatest Guitarists According To Guitar World

    Awful list Lil Wayne and myself are not on it-BOGUS:p
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    Gary Busey’s nuts

    We all go crazy for nuts says Gary Busey with googly eyes-beautiful.
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    Arguments on the Backstage be like...

    The lightsabre fight was the cutest thing ive seen in awhile!
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    Im a strat guy on a lp forum

    I was a little senstive In the early days but this place is just full of good people-ribbing is good.
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    Im a strat guy on a lp forum

    Im a Strat guy but I played my LP today and had a lot of fun its always good to play guitars that are a little out of your comfort zone you become better.
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    So many models, what to look at

    Go to your local shop see if they got a used LP and try it Thats what I did!
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    NGD!! Les Paul Custom VOS

    Oh wow gorgeous-lovely. :cheers:
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    Juniors are fun too!!!

    I like the 1955! but any would be nice!
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    Georgia man sentenced to 1,000 years in prison for child porn gets parole

    Does not make sense first thing he did is probably go get a computer and is right back to his old shit.

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