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    Stupidity of the Day

    Manwich Mandolin Mermaid Man Spider Man Alderman[ Canadian city councellor] Batman Oman [nation] Superman man-ray many now just y what willthe poor burntout hippies say every second word WHY DONT THEY THINK OF THE HIPPIES.:p
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    Busted ***** UPDATE *****

    What a prick you did very well in being the grownup in the matter nice Eagle pics btw. :D
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    Cracking around Headstock Inlay - Repair?

    Good luck let us know how it turns out.
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    Weird Sale Response

    Thats odd ive used kijiji and have never seen that-kind of disconcerting is it a scam-cant tell ya.:rolleyes:
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    New 14K gold watch day.

    I would buy a guitar but since you are a watch guy and thats a heckuva nice one- congratz :thumb: :thumb:!!!
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    Stupidity of the Day

    Not our 23rdpm or C anadas number one gutless weenie.
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    Stupidity of the Day

    Then MEN better be MYN or thats out of control sexist fascism i am MYN hear me fart. o_O :shock::rolleyes:
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    Duane Allman 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Up for Sale

    :welcome: and i guarantee ya that guitar will cost more than a Squier.
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    Tokai Changed Logo's

    DEERS ROCK!!!!!
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    Music is the universal language?

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    Lady Gaga.....holy %#^&@!

    P.S did you know Alanis was a kid star singer up here in Canuckistan? she was just called Alanis her teen idol stuff is cute but hilariously cheesy its on youtube and shes always had that unique voice and shes not a bad guitar player. and LAdy Gagas pretty good as well.
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    TRADE: Two 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtops

    Not knockin ya good for you my guitar goal is to get at least one vintage Gibson or Fender guitar into my life, any type at all :Dwould I GAS after maybe all i ask is pics of a :photos:1957 1st year paf lp please! good luck! And a martin accoustic modern or vintage would make me a happy boy.
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    FS: 1997 58 Reissue Fabulous Flame and Flecks

    Someones getting one heck of an lp ill tell ya :acoustic: :acoustic: :acoustic: its like a perfect pepproni pizza cept its a guitar.
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    Shocking and graphic

    Sighhh and yes i used to hang out on ll now im into guitar carnage. o_O
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    Shocking and graphic

    This isnt just a Chinese thing its a human thing.Ii stopped seeking out shocking vids after watching ISIS burn that poor Jordanian pilot alive laugh and put music over his screams i felt like i just saw hell/ that was three years ago. People are a holes no matter the race or culture I would...