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    What pickups are on your "to do" list?

    Thanks Roxy! :D :D
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    NGD- Gibson Les Paul Traditional HB

    I think shes a cutie-pie congratulations:dude:
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    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    If I found a real burst it would not be sold-you already hit the lottery as a guitar player :D .
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    2020 59 reissue Dirty Lemon Burst

    Wowww yknow my 40th b-day is coming up in Sept and I could use a second Gibson please donate too.... :rofl:
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    Funky lp tune by MR K! I grew up with a GE Avocado green fridge myself.
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    2017 R6

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    1976 Chibson

    Aww the page is gone I wanted a laugh!
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    Help me buy my first les paul

    Congrats! pics plz we like pics:applause::photos:
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    NGD 1961 Les Paul Custom Reissue

    GORGEOUS-you can post SGs here btw.
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    Color bleed?

    Id say its mojo but thats just me.Good luck finding a solution.
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    What tuners do I have?

    Nice guitar all the same.
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    Aged Gibson thoughts

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    A Broadcaster! be still my heart congrats!
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    Is my LP "rare-ish"?

    Rare or not its stunning:slash::slash::slash:
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    I Knew Mardi Gras Could Be Dangerous , But...

    :rofl: :D:D:D:lol: