My name is Craig and have recently picked up guitar as a hobby i have become Fascinated with Gibson Les Pauls and am the proud owner of a lovely 2017 Cherry Red Epiphone Les Paul Standard and scraping up some money to add a Gibson to my growing little Guitar family .
1997 black MIM Fender Stratocaster
2015 Jackson V
2017 Red Epiphone Les Paul Standard
2014 Satin white mim Fender Stratocaster
2012 American Fender Stratocaster
2006 Gibson Les Paul GT green.
2014 Squier Sunburst Telecaster
2016 Red Eleca Telecaster
2015 Line 6 spyder amp
2011 Marshall mini amp
Sep 22, 1980 (Age: 39)
Calgary, Alberta,Canada


1997 Fender MIM Stratocaster
2006 Gibson Les Paul GT
2015 Epiphone LP Standard
2014 MIM Fender Stratocaster 1950s style Buddy Guy./Mary Kaye
2012 USA Fender Stratocaster Deluxe 1970s style.
2006 Squier Bronco bass
2014 Squier Sunburst Telecaster
1960s Norma cg-100
1960s Harmony Airline Acoustic
2012 Fender dg Acoustic Dreadnaught
3 amps bass Line 6-Mini Marshall
2019 Marshall MG15-Gold

words to live by BEEP BEEE BEE BOOP-R2/D2
MEEP MEEP-Roadrunner.
Fat tank of gasss-Lord Humongous-1981