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    1971 Les Paul Deluxe Conversion Repair - The "Dirty Grandpa"

    It was already routed when he bought it.
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    Joe B's New Custom

    Sweet guitar!
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    1954 Gibson Les Paul GT converted to 1960 specs

    I went to the ad and it looks like it sold.
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    Story of My Conversion (52-59)

    Stunning, love it!
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    Proof Of Guitar Collection!

    Great guitars! Thanks for sharing.
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    Are vintage Flying V's allowed here? :)

    Awesome guitar! Thanks for the video!
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    Excellent Zeppelin recording from Jan 9, 1970.
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    1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty guitar (1 owner, original strings)

    "...The owner preferred his acoustic guitar, explaining to us, "it was just too much work to take the electric out and plug it into the amp and all that." Pretty lazy for that!
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    Need some advice on this vintage LP

    Keep it as as! Still a great guitar.
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    1960 Burst for sale in germany (010838)

    Nice demo Mike!
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    56/59 LP Conversion, HM Treatment

    Beautiful guitar!
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    '60 Burst at Rumbleseat

    Sounded pretty good with Simo playing it.

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