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    Mods Please Delete

    Starts at 2:34.
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    Mods Please Delete

    I love you guys!! :rofl: I has been forever since we had a Braz thread. :h5: An instrument is the SUM of its parts. Using SOME of the same parts, doesn't insure that your R9 will sound like "The Beast". Funny, it has always been ok to say that one can hear the difference between Maple and...
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    NRD - Awesome replica content within

    AWESOME John!!! Worth the wait, for sure! She is just spectacular! ....and the neck rest is pretty cool, too!!
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    NGD - 2017 1958 Les Paul VOS

    Congrats on a beauty Jenton!!! As far as the re purposed data goes, don't forget to go back to 2010 and start with the Burst Brother's and Felder Stingers. :cheers:
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    Tele love.Show 'em.

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    NGD : 2014 Lemonburst Benchmark R0 Heavy Relic

    Congrats on a real beauty!! :dude:
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    2017 Brazilian R9s

    Ouch! Rudi, my eyes! :facepalm:
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    R0 NGD -- tone knob question too

    I believe that to be a GC R0, too. They didn't use the "G" in the serial number for 2014. They don't come with pointers. Congrats on the new R0, she sure is pretty!! :dude:
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    68' Reissue LP Custom Figured Red Tiger Question

    It is a pretty guitar, for sure. To answer your questions: The serial number is stamped because it is a '68 RI, the others with the stamped serial number are not '68 RI's and just CS models. The color is a newer color and kind of rare-ish at this point, but in time we will see more of it. Just...
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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Killer Mikey!!!
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    Name of the Flame

    Photobucket went from a free host to a paid for service. I'll work on it.
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    OK, Tube Brothers, let's answer Frank's challenge

    Hi gain, now you are talking my language!!! Great job Mike!! Awesome, which one did you get? I have the Zoom Q4, love it...the video sucks but the audio is killer!!! Here is my Zoom Q4 in action:
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    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    I have to disagree with the Richlite lovers, for my taste. I had an Explorer with a Richlite was dry and lifeless. So, I would NEVER pay $3k+ for a Custom with it.
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    Plexi owners: what tubes do you run and what do you like about it?

    ........with welded plates, to add! :drool: I like the way you think, Amigo!! :cheers:
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    $10,000.00 for a 2003 Les Paul???

    :rofl: I hate it when that happens. If you are asking me, by chance, I would have to say "almost". It's a little high with the current market BUT, in my humble opinion........ There are only a small handful of Lefty Braz's and if that is what you are looking for, then YES, you'll have to pay...

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