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    Alive and well

    will be posting more on my recording progress and 59 replica project. And how bad I get hosed on child support, not that I care about the money that much. It is for the kids, I have already been paying on my own accord since I left. Hopefully after the 15th I will have actual court orders...
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    Another multi effects threads

    My choice is the Digitech RP1000, I used it live a few times and use it a lot in recording, it does everything I need it too and then some. The RP line after the 350 are good boxes.
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    My current lineup

    So I dug out the old stompboxes and put together a chain that I am using now. All are Boss pedals- Auto Wah (AW2) Compressor/Sustainer (CS3) Mega Distortion (MD2) Distortion (DS1) Equalizer (GE7) Noise Suppressor (NS2) Chorus (CE2) Running into either an older Marshall VS100 combo...
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    Alive and well

    I finally broke down and bought a new computer. So far the new life is going well- new town, new job, working on divorce. This morning I dusted off the Les Paul, downloaded new recording software, and updated my recording interfaces. Life is good, once I get my studio in order I can...
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    Learning to love heavier strings?

    A couple of years ago I went with 12-56 on the zLp They gave amazing tone but killed my hands even after 30+ years playing, I developed arthritis in the last couple of years so I had to go back to 10-46 but even with the heavier strings it only took a momth get used to them.
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    I move out tomorrow.

    I moved out when I was 16, then with my parents permission joined the Army two days after my 17th birthday. I have never lived in their house again. As a result my relationship with my parents grew to a more mutual understanding and respect. At 41 with 3 kids of my own (21,12, and 8) I now...
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    Misery in Texas

    Texas prisons are a joke, I worked forTDCJ for years. Because of lawsuits and federal interference prison is not what it used to be. Welcome to justice for none and no child left a dime. Hows that hope and change working out?
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    Life is good

    definitely no rush, we planned to wait until Sept 2014 to get remarried so it would be exactly 20 years.
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    Life is good

    this is a good start, things have been amazing. It's been a log time since I was actually happy.
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    How you like your guitar neck?

    I like the 59 profile with the medium jumbo frets, I have arthritis real bad so the beefier neck helps.
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    Life is good

    the only guitar I have left is the Les Paul she bought me 16 years ago. When we lived in Japan.
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    Life is good

    This is us now, 19 years later. She was 18 when we got married and I was 23, we are obviously a lot older now. Nobody that knew us thought this would even be possible.
  13. 18 years later

    18 years later

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    Life is good

    Having a heart attack actually saved my life, things are right again for the first time in a long time.
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    Life is good

    The problems that tore us apart was my drug and alcohol abuse at the time, I have been clean and sober for 12 years now. We realized that we had never stopped loving each other just couldn't communicate anymore at the time, I never asked for help and she was too young at the time to really...

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