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    We're getting spammed again

    Best of Luck, hope it all works out. If u need any help from us members, we're right here
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    We're getting spammed again

    We need this
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    Still Got The Blues - Gary Moore Cover

    Amazing playing!!!! Subbed too!!
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    Cheaper Gibson LP or Epi

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    Pick too hot?

    Firstly what amp are you using. That may be causing the problem. I would suggest you firstly try what the above posts recommend, many fo them are great guys with a lot of understanding of pickups, especially @cooljuk and @ARandall. Try the series/parallel if you can, and tell us what amp you are...
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    Pick too hot?

    You can try changing magnets, or try a new pickup
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    NGD- True Historic R0

    Amazing guitar!!!!
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    Pickup suggestions please

    A4 tends to have a very flat eq, and that brings out the lower mids. Also from what I have heard, it sounds very compressed too. A2 will sound less compressed, and very open, not focused. It has a very sweet treble, lots of mids and a little less output.
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    Wilkinson ABR-1 upgrade/replacement

    Honeslty I'd spend a little more and get a Gotoh bridge. Also its more accessible for me.
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    Pickup suggestions please

    Tonerider Rocksong! Its pretty darn articulate, nails everything from country to death metal. And yes, it has an A2 mag.
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    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    Just throwing it out there, stuff is generally cheaper at Mercari. However, it's really important to view the listing properly because the listings are pretty vague most of the time. Most used items are sold by individuals, like you or me, not stores.
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    Gibson has created a "Greeny" replica

    Oh yea I had just started playing guitar, and the first thing I looked to was Metallica song.
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    Gibson has created a "Greeny" replica

    I I'm no one to argue with someone lucky enough to see Greeny. The guitar looks amazing tho!!!
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    Epiphone Les Paul Standard upgrades...

    Welcome!!!! Awesome guitar, what year is it from?
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    Good Free Plugins

    Me too. Very usable presets. I keep ABing them with the original recordings and they get pretty close. I use a set of Samsung earphones, but they're highly recommended due to their very flat frequency response.

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