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    Viking concept flying V

    If I was in an Amon Amarth tribute band, I would demand that I have that guitar.
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    "You can only play one at a time"

    You rang?
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    Tommy Shaw can't get Gibson to build him a guitar

    Maybe he can get an Epiphone sig? They give those to a bunch of people nobody knows.
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    Where are all the good villains?

    Played by the same actor who played Toecutter in the original Mad Max.
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    Where are all the good villains?

    "It's German. It means The Bart, the."
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    Where are all the good villains?

    Ok, here's a real one:
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    Where are all the good villains?

    Not directed at you @Who. Just posting a villain.
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    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    I wish I could have gotten on here much earlier. Like 12 hours ago. I could have saved you the anxiety and told you the Steelers were gonna lose. My bad.
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    Red sports cars

    Had a red 94 Geo Prizm named Floyd.
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    Jeff Bezos predicts planet will soon become 'natural resort'

    Not to mention the weight loss and rise of self esteem.
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    WOW - Think twice before calling for an ambulance

    Around here, you can buy a membership to an ambulance company. You get a certain amount of rides per month at no additional cost. For someone with a lot of health issues it's a pretty good deal.
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    Thinking of going to see “Slash”. I heard he is good guitar player.

    He's OK. His tone is shit though.
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    More Junk in Orbit

    Not really much to add other than they probably did it to piss off those capitalist pigs Musk and Bezos.
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    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    Well, the refs are balancing the books with some really shitty calls against the Steelers this week.
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    Well, here it is ...

    Forecast is calling for 2 to 4 by morning. Starting to lay on the grass.

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