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    Need some help troubleshooting my wiring.

    It sounds like you reversed the wires going to the jack.
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    How Many LPs Have You Owned Over the Years?

    11. EDIT: 12 Gibson LP's. The three at the bottom are the ones I still own. Never owned an Epi Les Paul but many other LP copies. 1. Gibson LP Pro Deluxe 77? Ebony 2. Gibson LP Deluxe gold top 70’s maple neck, Routed for HB's 3. Gibson LP Standard 1999 Ebony 4. Gibson Studio Lite in blue...
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    Confessions of an Ignorant Newbie

    What!? They are not real? No wonder I always f*ck them up!
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    Help me identify this tone I [email protected]*ing hate

    I think this is in the ballpark? It is a playback video so I don't know if that is their equipment.
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    String gauge

    Yeah that is probably so. In my case there were several things combined: The Guild had the straightest neck and the absolute best fretwork i have ever experienced. With the strings super low there were not much output acousticallly at all. Since I had no real strength in my fingers I played...
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    String gauge

    I started out in my youth playing 8's with super super low action on a Guild S300D. (Loved that ugly guitar!) Went up to 9's to be able to play on other guitars. Worked up my strength. Then went up to 10-46 and there is where it is now. I have tried 9's from time to time but I prefer 10's I...
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    Unwanted stains on a Gibson LP Classic

    Strange! Is that the original case? If not maybe some reaction to the material or solvents i the fabric? As a side note: I never store my guitars in their cases. I hang them on the wall.
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    Starting the clear out.

    Yeah I have been thinking of selling off some odd guitars and stuff. Things I never use anyway. The problem is most of the stuff isn't worth very much and I don't know if I can be bothered with advertising, stupid questions, lowballers etc..
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    Cannibis Could Be Bad For Your Health

    On a serious note when we where teens my best friend smoked some kind of bong like device and got a psychosis. It scared the crap out of me when I saw what it did to him! He had flashbacks for years afterwards and never smoked again.
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    Cannibis Could Be Bad For Your Health

    This is just sad.
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    Gear failure

    I always turn down the volume on my guitar when not playing. I don't want any sound when I hang on the guitar before playing. But I play with distortion...
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    Someone reliced a recent Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s

    I think the relicing looks good. Not too much. Better than many others I have seen. Just get matching nickel pickup covers.
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    Guitar Neck Shake

    Maybe they have bad finger vibrato?