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    Guitar Neck Shake

    Maybe they have bad finger vibrato?
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    Band jokes about playing AC/DC, crowd takes over

    Man that was totally epic!
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    Raggare, it's a Scandinavian thing

    Åfan! Så tidigt alltså.. Damn! That early...
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    Raggare, it's a Scandinavian thing

    I'm from Stockholm Sweden and born in the sixties so I think I can try to explain: Sweden was not a rich country but in the sixties and seventies things where getting better and people was starting to get better salaries and living conditions. Young people who had a work sudddenly had money to...
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    First guitar purchase from Sweetwater... probably the last

    The thread that keeps on giving! But no batteries...
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    LP Custom 1973 - were they made in Natural?

    Harmonica bridge mounted straight? When was the harmonica introduced? If the bridge was put on later it would have been on an angle? Or the bridge posts redrilled? And the stop tailpiece also seems to be mounted totally straight? Should it not also be on a slight angle? Some degrees at least?
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    Who was the first Person that was your Inspiration Playing Guitar

    This guy! Before that I was just into music in general but just seeing Page with a Les Paul really low was the coolest thing I had ever seen! I suppose it is his fault I love Les Pauls. His and Steve Jones
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    New duo name needed ….

    Duo name: Partners in Crime.
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    GHS Boomers vs D'addario XL

    Personally I don't like D'addarios because I feel they lose that new string sparkly top end in just a few hours. So I would go with GHS Boomers. I have had them in the past and liked them.
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    Input regarding 1976 Les paul Custom.

    I have a 77 custom and I love it! But I grew up on 70's Les Pauls and I have no experience in pre-Norlin Les Pauls. I suppose you are in Europe and prices are higher here. I payed around 3000 euros for mine and it had much more wear and non-original pickups.
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    P90 gurus, what do i have?

    Hallå Johan! Just a thought: Could it be one coil off of a P100? Arent they wound really high and wired in parallell?
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    Show your P90 Les Paul :)

    1977 Pro Deluxe with added middle pickup.
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    Les paul modifications

    I change pickups because its fun! I like to try different pickups just to learn how they perform in various different guitars.
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    What guitars did you buy in the past 12 months?

    1977 Les Paul Pro Deluxe with a middle pick up added.
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    Mid 70s LPC with no pancake?

    My 77 custom is not a pancake either.

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