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    What IRs are you using?

    Ownhammer for me! OH 212 BOG-OS V30 OH1F-06 to be exact! My Kemper profiles sound so much better with these!
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    The Kemper - is it the ultimate cure for GAS?

    Lots of great information given in this thread! My current life schedule sounds like yours and the Kemper has been my solution for the last year. I'll flip through profiles for different sounds and don't bother with effects besides a little reverb. If your a knob twister then the Kemper may not...
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    Play That Track

    took a couple shots at GT202 tele > kemper ToneJunkie JMOD 100 NB4 profile > OH BOG OS V30 + M25 IR > GB tried to not rush this one
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    still in awe over my Kemper

    Words of wisdom right there. Your posts made me take notice and now your just preaching to the choir. Your makes you practice comment reminds of a recent interview with Matt Schofield on That Pedal Show where he said something like he played guitar more than ever before in his life after...
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    still in awe over my Kemper

    Epic looper jams!!! Yeah man, thats the ultimate compliment to the rig right there. Great post. I can't wait to try a AX8!
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    still in awe over my Kemper

    Thanks man, I'll give the ODS profiles a try.
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    still in awe over my Kemper

    I picked up the tonejunkie matchless c30 pack with their 25% off discount code "FLASH25" The EL84 with EF86 is a Grissom sounding amp! Here is a sample:
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    still in awe over my Kemper

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    still in awe over my Kemper

    Exactly! Very well said my man.
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    still in awe over my Kemper

    It's almost been a year with my Kemper and I'm still so pleased with the unit. Here is a quick review of the unit after many hours of use. Most of us want to know how it compares to a real amp right… Every 3 months or so, I'll plug in my JTM45 clone built by our own sct13 or my vintage 1965 DR...
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    Play That Track

    Well done. I really enjoyed listening. So fluent...
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    Play That Track

    I took a shot at the jazz blues track. I'm a total amateur and my instinct just wants to noodle through these tracks. Please feel free to give me some feedback to make it sound more musical. My first take never took a breath, so on this take, I did try to leave some space. Maybe I need to try...
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    Your CC Compared to the Original

    Here is my cc36 next to the Goldfinger. What a treat! Awesome guitars! Besides the looks, the neck profile and weight are almost identical at .860 @ 1st fret and just under 8 lbs.
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    Kemper - Favorite Commercial Profiles

    Ditto, I turn off the entire stomps section, EQ in stack, and the effects section, then I'm good to go. I use my own reverb or delays post kemper. Maybe a fuzz in front, but have to be careful with levels as the kemper does't like to be pushed in my experience. People asking for software to...
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    Has modeling made you just a collector?

    Oh I’ve read that fantastic thread. Thank you for clarification.

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