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    Best Way to Template Route Small Parts (e.g. Cavity Covers)?

    I made a simple router table box many years ago with a removable top with a foam seal on the underside and it has a hole on the bottom of the box to hook up a shopvac hose to pull dust. It has a simple adjustable fence to do things like route trussrod slots etc. Melamine is a good choice for the...
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    Headstock Repair

    I once traded a MIM Fender Strat for a Studio with a break. Someone used gorilla snot to make the repair and I had to dig it all out and do a spline repair and a refinish to a tobacco burst. I ended up trading it for a '92 Epiphone Sorrento that's probably worth about $700 if that helps any. My...
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    Now I wanna build one!

    I love working with alder. It has a wonderful spicy smell when you cut or sand it. It's very stable and sands easily. I've worked with it for years as a cabinet maker and used it for a couple of guitar builds as well.
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    three teles I'm building... "Les Flaus" finished

    NIce! I really liked your Delta Cloud guitar and video too. Your a very good player as well. :thumbs:
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    Half a Strat is better than none

    Looks awesome Chris as usual. I think you can just take a conical grinding bit and make the chamfers on a drillpress at it's highest speed or a dremel, nay?
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    My (first) Build Journal

    You can use the templates you made and transfer them to MDF and after final sanding them apply superglue on all the edges so that you can reuse them many times.
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    Found It

    Awesome Freddy. I had no problem with your venting about a bad experience with a customer. I almost posted a bad experience with an ex-friend that I made a repair on his Martin D-16 that had a bad 8" side crack on the lower right bout. I didn't want to take on the repair to begin with and he...
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    Midtown build finished

    Beautiful guitar and skillfully done. I got a kick out of the condom trick. Did you come up with that yourself?
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    laquer crack or neck break

    Show the front of the headstock. Is it a true Gibson and not a Chibson etc? Lacquer/poly?
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    would a studio to standard spec be a way to learn

    Our member "The Thruth" did a similar undertaking many years ago here. I'm sure he had the skills prior to tackle something like thing to begin with but I would advise against it and take all the advise already list above. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a Studio to begin with. They're just...
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    What to do with Brazilian Rosewood

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    Neck Through SG garage shop looked like someone threw a grenade in it. I spent 2 weeks and 4 hours each day cleaning and organizing my shop to get back into building, repairing and whatever else I need to do.
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    refurbishing an older acoustic! NEED HELP!

    If it's permitted, LMII is another good source for acoustic guitar building, repairing, supplies etc.
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    Tips for replacing binding

    +1 from me too. Looks great from my house. :thumbs:
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    1969 Tele Thinline build

    Amazing job Peter. A thread like this ought to be over at TDPRI if you're a member. My father used to sap maples on my grandparent's farm near Dundas(I'll edit this when I talk to him later if this is incorrect). He's 88 and still going strong. He lives in downtown Hamilton and has a cottage on...

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