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    Wow! Awesome!
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    Almost sold my R7 but persistence paid off.

    I really do not think there was a magic setting but a combination of things. It is amazing how a little adjustment in pickup and pole height can mean hitting that sweet spot or not. Even a little more or less neck relief can make a big difference. I also think my ears had become so accustomed...
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    Pores in Nitro Finish, Is This Normal?

    My R7 has some pores in the finish and even some natural checking. Its a 2014. Does it bother me. Not a bit especially when I plug it in to my BE-50 deluxe and play it. Its tone and playability far outweighs any nitro finish flaws. My OCD goes away as soon as my pick hits the strings.
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    Almost sold my R7 but persistence paid off.

    I had a Gibson R0 and sold it when I had a pet emergency come up. Great guitar and missed it. After finances were back in order and my dog had recovered I decided I wanted to buy another Historic but with a different flavor. Just to try something different. I always liked gold tops so bought a...
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    Thanks guys. Sorry but not wanting to swap but want to buy a matched set outright. Want to keep my custombuckers in case I ever sell the R7.
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    I have a set of custombuckers in my 2014 R7 but want to try a set of burstbuckers 1 and 2. Use to have them in my previous R0 and really liked them. Let me know if you have a set for sale. Thanks
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    Is it even possible ...

    I would never use bubble wrap, newspapers or anything like that. Can cause finish damage. I usually will just put part of an old 100 percent cotton T-shirt under the head stock making sure that it has a little extra support for any bumbs or drops along the way. I also will usually detune a tad...
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    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    No limit if you can afford them. One if you cant afford it.
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    NGD 2014 R7! And a question

    I will add some pics later but received my 2014 R7 today. Set it up and it plays and sounds great. Neck is fantastic! However I have one question and not even a real concern unless someone says it should be. When looking at the face of the guitar in bright light I can see lines on or under the...
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    Need some help on a R7 purchase

    Hi all. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a 2014 R7. My only concern which is probably needless worry is this close up of the Gibson logo on the headstock. Does it look okay to you guys? Just seems strange the way it doesnt appear to be flush with the wood. Maybe its just a camera thing. Thanks
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    FS/FT Locally 2018 Gibson ES-335 Big Block Retro

    Gibson just describes it as "Dark Rosewood."
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    FS/FT Locally 2018 Gibson ES-335 Big Block Retro

    Local sale or trade near Clemson S.C. Selling the nicest ES-335 I have ever owned or played both in playability and tone. Fantastic rounded C neck and the resonance and tone is fantastic. Just had a professional set up by one of the top techs in S.C. Its a 2018 Gibson ES 335 Big Block Retro in...
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    2010 Gibson R0 Minty (Local Sale S.C)

    Bump it up

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