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    More Emotional Support

    Give me a f***ing break!
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    2009 Gibson USA Traditional 1959 ltd. Run

    Trussrod cover looks the same in both pictures. I think that's it.
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    Don’t forget

    I started using shower gel when I found out it doesn't leave soap scum in the shower. Anything to save work.
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    Fender Baja Telecaster $585 shipped

    If you put this on TDPRI it would be sold in a day.
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    Fender Baja Telecaster $585 shipped

    This will not last long. Very nice Tele.
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    Streaming TV

    We finally ditched cable when it got over $200/month. Now we have all streaming - DirectvNow for regular TV content as well as Showtime and HBO and Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu etc. All for much less than we were paying for cable. just be sure you have a fast internet connection. Never...
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    NGD: Custom Shop Modern Standard

    The more I look at this guitar the more I like it. Very unique and beautiful.
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    "Other" DC Specials.

    You got a great deal on the Hamer!
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    46 shot, 4 killed. this weekend's chicago body count.

    Outlaws don't buy guns from a gun store or at a gun show. They steal them from people who bought them lawfully. Theft is already a crime.
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    How many of you have never left your country?

    Lived in Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Taiwan. Visited, or at least been thru, most of the other states. Military family.
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    I Unhate JB

    Especially if you wear contacts. Check out his young pictures.....glasses.
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    I might get a bit snarky...

    Yep. Read what he says, watch and listen to him on Youtube. I don't hear any bullshit from him at all, and if he were an opportunist he would change his views to suit the prevailing mindset he's mimicking. He's as steady as a rock on what he says. Not saying anyone here calls him a racist, but...
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    I Unhate JB

    About Joe and his shades......he wears glasses. They're likely prescription.
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    I might get a bit snarky...

    I don't know why others would have a problem with Peterson. He speaks the truth and deflates pompous PC thinking. He, of course, is called a racist for this. Typical.