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    Has anyone here used Pickguardian?

    It has arrived, and it looks beautiful.......the man does good work! I will post pictures of it when I mount it.
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    Custom P 90s and Standard P 90s GT differences?

    A Gibson P90 is a Gibson P90. The salesman is pitching snake oil.
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    Refinished Sides & Back of Les Paul Guitar

    Wow! Looks great! You do good work.
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    Welcome home Bob and Doug!

    I thought this would be about the McKenzie brothers.
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    Rip Wilford Brimley

    R.I.P. Wilford. You left some great work.
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    Awesome sauce...and much respect!!

    She's kinda babelicious to boot!
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    gibson supreme 2005 can sticker mark be removed?

    I think it's just dirty where the the stickers weren't.
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    P90s thoughts

    Oh Good Lord, I think I felt it move...!
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    I vote for a natural finish.
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    Has anyone here used Pickguardian?

    Update: I got an e-mail today saying that it has shipped.
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    It's Friday... You know what that means.

    Unbridled insanity?
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    Strap Lock Recommendations

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    NGD: LP Jr

    Great deal!
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    Has anyone here used Pickguardian?

    I finally got a response from him - he said it should be shipping in the next few days. cooljuk - thanks! I had no idea he had another job. I kinda feel bad about bitching now.
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    Favorite One-Two Punch

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