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    Armed Robbery does not go as planned

    I hope he picked up the gun.
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    Armed Robbery does not go as planned

    Outstanding! Need more people willing to fight back! I think it moved....
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    Nicknames for "Americans"

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    oripure polepieces alnico p90 not bar alnico

    All I can say is I didn't really care for the pole piece magnet P90s that Gibson used for a while. I traded my 2015 Junior that had it, and I replaced the one at the bridge in my 2014 Melody Maker for a traditional bar magnet P90.
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    1959 DC Les Paul Junior in Original Sunburst!

    Only one I've seen like it. I think they may have made some sunburst doublecuts in the '80s, but I've never seen a '59 like that.
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    Should I be worried about this truss rod?

    Are those pictures of the same guitar?
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    In praise of volutes

    I've never understood the negativity toward the volute. Is it another "they didn't make them that way in the '50s" thing?
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    Gibson les Paul Screwless Pickguard

    I like it.
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    Petty Tribute

    Love me some Lucinda Williams!
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    Time for a free roof!

    Got my free roof last year after some nasty storms here in N. Texas. They even had enough insurance money left over to paint the house and replace the gutters. Storm was so bad everybody in the neighborhood got re-roofed. It was noisy for a while.
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    Bank error in your favor... 1.2 million.

    Yeah, I love the Harvey Lembeck avatar. Eric Von Zipper himself!
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    My 2005 Navigator N-LP-380

    Very nice!
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    Wolfie a little cray cray

    Yeah........he leaves a lot of really influential players out.
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    NGD: Les Paul Standard 60s Unburst

    Beautiful! And I love mineral flecks on tops. It kinda hits me the same way that freckles across the nose and chest of a redheaded woman does.
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    Anyone Going or Been to the Dallas Guitar Show?

    Check this place out if you get the time:

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