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    The reality of environmental "science"

    They look like something out of a '60s animated series, like "Fireball XL5".
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    Dear "news" networks.......

    There does seem to be a business opportunity in all this somewhere. Just wish I could come up with it.
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    The irony, the racism. Happy Friday

    This story should literally be in the dictionary for the definition of "irony".
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    Dear "news" networks.......

    If my wife didn't stop me I would put a bullet through the TV. Honest to God, it's all worthless shit.
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    Mexican country music

    Mexican rap is really mind-jarringt.
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    Here is my story ... not liking the new Gibson

    I think the new ones are much better.
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    2014 Les Paul Melody Maker - 2 p90s - Price Drop

    Bumped for price drop - $500
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    Japanese marketed 2016 les paul junior

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Favorite documentary

    Gimme Shelter
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    He was a very naughty boy | RIP Terry Jones of Monty Python

    R.I.P. Terry. One of the funniest men ever. He will always be one of my favorite Pythons.
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    Nobody can diss Kirk Hammett anymore........

    I just wish he wouldn't use "greenie" like that. He loses the essence of that guitar with all the mess between it and the amps.
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    Favorite documentary

    "Grey Gardens" is a really good documentary about two crazy women, mother and daughter, who are related to Jackie Kennedy and live in a crumbling mansion in East Hampton, Long Island. Anyone interested in madness should watch it.
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    Favorite documentary

    The Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War was flat out amazing. The whole week it played I would hurry home after work eat dinner, and watch that night's episode. Brilliant!