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    SOLD: 2021 Gibson ES-335 Figured Sixties Cherry Excellent+ $2895 OBO

    :band: Dropping price everyday. Don't sleep on this. LOL.
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    SOLD: 2021 Gibson ES-335 Figured Sixties Cherry Excellent+ $2895 OBO

    Am selling a Nashville made 2021 Gibson ES-335 Figured Sixties Cherry semi- hollow guitar. Inspection card states it was completed on 03/18/21 and it is in near mint condition. I will call it 9.8/10 to be safe, as there is some evidence of playwear on the nitro finish and pickguard upon close...
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    SOLD: 2021 Fender American Original 60's Stratocaster- Mint $1599

    Am selling a mint 2021 (75th Anniversary) American Original 60s Stratocaster. In excellent shape with no visible marks, dings, or scratches. I will rate it a 9.8/10 to be cautious.. Very light play wear. The American Original Series replaced the Fender AVRI series and is just one step below...
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    SOLD : MJT Lake Placid Blue Stratocaster body - New, Light relic, and lightweight - 335$

    Here is another really nice MJT Strat body I have that I will not use. This one is never used and has no drilled holes other than the trem holes drilled by MJT. VERY light relic. (first picture shows the light checking) Just the beginning of some nitro checking in some places and a few light...
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    SOLD: MJT Seafoam Green Stratocaster body - Light - 325$

    Not going to to use this now so moving this on. Really well done moderate relic job on this. Great coloring with a smooth worn in nitro shine. Has RF insulation paint in pickup cavities. Holes drilled for 11 hole pickguard. Holes drilled for trem claw. Vintage trem holes drilled by MJT...
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    *** SOLD ***

    I had a 2001 R8 and the stock 57s in it were maybe the best pickups I have ever had in a historic. Might have just been that guitar, but I was always surprised by them.
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    SOLD Kenny Wayne Shepherd MIM Stratocaster- Rare and in Exc shape

    Here he is playing this actual model.
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    SOLD Kenny Wayne Shepherd MIM Stratocaster- Rare and in Exc shape

    The best MIM Strat I have had and rivals most of the other 10-12 American Strats I have used over the years. Vintage vibe with unique all stock upgrades: Custom designed pickups Beefier neck Jumbo frets 12" radius Graphtech saddles This one comes in a really nice antique white/yellow...
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    SOLD: Wolfetone Marshallhead II set humbucker pickups - Mint $195

    I picked these up for a recent project, but do not need them now. Very highly regarded PAF type pickups. Four conductor for split coils. Bridge reads 8.48 Neck 7.87 FROM WEBSITE: Lower output version of the Marshallhead for those that find it "too much." Slightly degaussed Alnico 5 magnets...
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    PRS CE24 FS / FT

    The fees and taxes on Reverb and Ebay are a challenge for both buyers sellers. I do kind of agree that this forum is not as good as others in terms of a buying or selling site. But, it is free so can't really complain. The Gear Page is much more active and I sell things pretty easily there...

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