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    How do you power your pedals?

    I used power bricks. Just a better solution Voodoo Labs Power Plus II: large main pedal board T-Rex Chameleon: smaller jam pedal board and another for the small board that runs in the effects loop of my boogie (sits on top of the map)
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    Incoming! Caution: PRS content

    that is really really nice.
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    My first post, not my first Gibson though

    Welcome to My Les Paul! and nice LP
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    Hercules GS405B or GS414B PLUS ?

    as mentioned above - I too am not concerned with stress on the neck/guitar by hanging form the headstock. Literally done it for many years without any detriment to the stability of the set-up, tuning, or anything... I do like the 414 floor stands as "I think" they provide better stability than...
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    What is the cheapest guitar you own and what do you think of it?

    I bought one of these exact models (finish, everything) in 1981. It was my first electric. I think it was $270.00 to take it off the wall of the mall music store... Still have the husk in the garage. Somewhere along the line the low E tuner broke out of the headstock, then all the...
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    Hercules GS405B or GS414B PLUS ?

    all my wall hangers are the Hercules auto-grip and the few I have on the floor use the 414 auto-grip. I like them way better than stands that are supported at the bottom.
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    NGD - 2008 Classic

    nice story and a great looking wall.
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    Refinished my Gibson Les Paul studio from faded cherry to matte black

    really nice. That looks the business
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    nice score, Brent. Looks like someone has rocked the hell out of that.
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    NGD: Ibanez Prestige

    wowo - with a hard tail. That is really nice.
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    Incoming NPD: Origin Effects Revival Drive Compact

    you will continued to be impressed well beyond the first impressions. I got one several months ago and it is the best OD I have ever used. I have flipped more than 20 OD's on Reverb over the last 5 - 6 years. This one is not going anywhere. It pairs great with my AC15, Princeton, and Mesa.
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    Finished my taxes today, or i should say my acct did.

    success is a fantastic thing. I will have a drink and play guitar for you. cheers
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    Does this PRS look legit to y'all?

    and... I don't know of any neck variant from PRS that has a volute, and the neck heal is way too small. man I hate CCP
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    NGD (I really need to stay off Craigslist)

    thats a great score. Actually, looks like you should spend more time on CL
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    (O)NGD. Recent '92 LP Special purchase

    that looks great. I have a 2012 that is a mirror of that, binding and all (different tuners). Plays as well as my other LPs that were 3 times the price. Every time I pick it up it's like "oh yeah, thats the stuff"

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