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    1959 LP Tone

    If a player can't get soaring leads out of a vintage Junior that would rival if not surpass those from a burst, there is something wrong with the player. Just ask Leslie West.
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    12AX7 instead of 12AT7 in PI - deluxe reverb

    Totally harmless. Guitarists have been doing that for decades with no ill-effect on their bf/sf fenders.
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    OLD WOOD vs NEW WOOD ????

    An interesting article on the subject: Guitar Trader's Vintage Guitar Bulletin January 1986, Vol. 5, No. 1 Copyright 1985 STANDARDS 58 - 60; Part Two "Soundburst" by Gaston Gagnon & Timm Kummer Most guitar players, as well as other collectors, consider the Les Paul "Sunburst"...
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    Montrose vs Moore, the stolen burst story

    I started a thread with a link to the actual complaint over at the LPF not realizing that an actual LPF post is quoted in the body of the complaint.:wow:
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    Gibson Shipping Records

    Does anyone know if Gibson's 1950's shipping records can be found online? Did a quick search this morning but couldn't find anything. I'd like to know the actual date my '57 Jr. shipped from the factory.:hmm:
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    The 1958 Gibson Gazette

    Thanks for posting that!
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    When did Bursts become cool? (and $$$$$)

    I'm surprised no ones said this yet but Les Pauls became "cool" in the very early 1950's when people saw Les Paul playing his--he was for a while one of the (if not the) hottest and most popular electric guitarist in America. Between 1952-54 alone Gibson shipped more than 5,000 Goldtops which is...
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    My 1959 Les Paul Junior Double cut is HERE!!!

    Congrats! When it comes to vintage Juniors its so true that "less is more".
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    Vintage Gibson's in Action !!!

    One for the prog-rockers:YouTube - Clem Clempson from Colosseum A virtuoso tour de force on that Goldtop.:applause:
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    Vintage 1959 on the way!

    While Bursts and Customs certainly have their "charms", a good 1950's LP Jr. is the holy grail of vintage Les Paul tone for some of us. $3,500 for one w/ a headstock repair is a fair deal even in this economy. Look at what your getting: the very best sounding Honduras mahogony and Brazilian...
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    Almost 1 less burst in the world!!!!

    With so many grim-faced bedroom players trying to channel Peter Green on youtube, Phil's demeanor, enthousiasm, and playing are a welcome breath of fresh air.
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    Vintage Gibson's in Action !!!

    Biggest LP--no make that biggest guitar tone ever: YouTube - Mountain - Stormy Monday - NY 1970 YouTube - Mountain - Guitar Solo/Dreams Of Milk And Honey - 1970
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    So who has actually played a Vintage Burst?

    Cookie-boy I completely agree that the aging process can really enhance the beauty of these instruments. However, Gibson (and the men and women who built those guitars) intended them to be played first and foremost. When Cezanne painted a picture he knew it would just get hung on wall to be...
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    So who has actually played a Vintage Burst?

    Sentry, you answered a question I was going to ask you about not ever playing one. I almost felt a let-down after playing that '59 Burst, but fortunately I came away with the healthy realization that these are only guitars. Still the top on that '59 was beautiful--not much flame but pronounced...
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    So who has actually played a Vintage Burst?

    I played a '59 Sunburst about 10 years ago through an original 18 watt Marshall. This was up in Ohio. It was not a "religious" experience for me. My overwhelming impression was that the Burst's tone, note attack, sustain strongly reminded me of my Travis Bean Standard. The Burst sounded more...

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