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    When did Gibson start/end the aluminum box in the control cavity?

    Bu, bu, but... vintage! Yeah, guitar players will almost always go with tradition over function. The ABR / Nashville is the perfect example.
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    Kona LP - What's the vibe?

    Ran into a Kona LP today. Needs some tweaking. But I'm looking for how they are regarded amongst the crowd. It's got some positive features. Mahogany body, maple bookmatched flame cap. Maple neck. Binding on body and neck. Good tuners. Body appears to be one piece. Neck is mostly one piece...
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    Getting ready to upgrade my 2014 ES-339

    Assuming they are both able to be split invidually with those DPDT switches: - plug a cord into the guitar - switch to one pickup with the bridge/neck selector - measure the resistance in normal HB mode from the ground at the end of the cord to the tip. Expect 7-10K ohms. - switch the...
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    2007 Epi SG, thoughts on purchase?

    Thanks. Black If it wasn't a distance from me, I'd already have it in hand. Trying to find time to head to where it is.
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    2007 Epi SG, thoughts on purchase?

    Ran into a 2007 locally. Set neck, looks like a '61 style, grovers, humbuckers. Chinese. Looks like good condition, light wear if any. Thoughts on this era? Pickups get any respect? Would you buy one for $150 USD if it looked good? Has no strings, so I won't be able to play it, will be a...
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    Les Paul Deluxe with Mini Hums

    The bridge on Old Black is a Firebird pickup, not a mini. Neck is a P90 of some sort.
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    Getting ready to upgrade my 2014 ES-339

    String tied to the pots on the way out. To go back in, notch some pieces of aquarium tubing per above and fish them to the holes first. Once they are ALL sticking out at the holes. Hook up the pots and fish them in using the hoses to pull them.
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    Les Paul Special p90's vs LP Pro split hb's

    I can't answer the question about what he paid, but now is the time to sell if you want to sell. With supplies so short, people are getting almost the cost of a new one for used ones... sometimes more.
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    2021 Epiphone TV Yellow Les Paul Special "inspired by Gibson"

    Probably related to the port issues that have been in the press. Ships have been sitting and waiting to unload. Trucking stagnated. Etc. OR, it was buried in some warehouse and someone found. If you are keeping it, at least call Sweetwater and note the damage - they will throw some compensation...
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    Les Paul Special p90's vs LP Pro split hb's

    Welp, get to changing those strings and playing. My experience with Epi's is that they need a little setup time, and then they rock well beyond their weight class. P90's are great... play on 10 through an amp with just a little - and I mean a little - gain, and they are 1970's Santana. Play...
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    The Paul, worn but loved

    Unfortunately I made the mistake of waiting for a nice clean example myself. You used to be able to pick these up for $500-$600. Now the originals go for two to four times that. Much as I like them, I'm not paying what a nice regular LP would cost for one of them.
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    Why are there initials in my Truss Rod cavity

    Seriously? That's cool. I'd even go so far as to say it's all right now.
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    Why are there initials in my Truss Rod cavity

    Thanks. I will give a search a try. Reading through. Found this "For example, the initials you see under the TRC would be the guy who filed the frets. ". PK did a heck of a job. Wonder if he's still working I could use a level and crown. EDIT: Looks like next time I change the strings I'll...
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    Why are there initials in my Truss Rod cavity

    So... today I removed the truss rod cover from my '77 LP. I purchased this guitar new from an authorized dealer in 1977. Incredibly, I've never had to adjust the truss rod in its life. But I've moved to a different climate and it was time. When I opened it up, I found the initials "PK" in...
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    How much does your Norlin weigh?

    If you return it to a goldtop, you could fill those pickup cavities and re-install the mini's, the way God intended it to be. FWIW, Gibson originally painted the "lower grade" tops black or gold because they didn't think the wood was good looking enough to qualify for burst. That's not to say...

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