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    Good Bad and Ugly

    Keep it
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    Any idea what this kind of flame is called?

    Very nice clouds! Or is it a lake at sunset?
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    Real PAF's in a Historic ?

    Howdy! I bought an EC champ and.didn't.really care.for the tone also. Then I thought(duh) here is this beautiful hand wired amp in a very.nice wood cab, and it hums and sounds iffy, but I paid no attention to the tubes. After some research and removing the tumorous stock tubes, put some tube...
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    I Love Me Some Old P90s Nailed to a Slab of Mahogany - 50's Jr + Special content

    Hi lucky, say, I was thinkin bout these two kids.spending so much time together, mabey even unsupervised at times...Well, if they should happen to have babies, I will gladly adopt them and give them a happy home! Please let me know.
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    Parsons sreet (hot) by stew mac

    No worries friend! Guess I'll just have to try 'em out myself. Adventures in tinkering are some.of the best part of being a tone seeker for me.
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    Parsons sreet (hot) by stew mac

    Sorry bout the ****
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    Parsons sreet (hot) by stew mac

    As you look at the page full of pu's, the parsons st are just across from ga, but if you continue to the bottom of the page, you will see parsons st hot. It even has a "new" banner at the top of the pa hot pu. Not ga overwound. I rest my case! I would not **** you, sir, not my style. I'll bet my...
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    Parsons sreet (hot) by stew mac

    I beg to differ, if you check the Webb site, you will see that these are new parsons st hot, not golden age. I kinda knew 'cause I picked up a set when they were on sale, just haven't tried em yet.:o
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    gibson pickups with quick connect leads

    Auto correct sucks! I meant board and cable and whatever else it decided I want to say.
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    gibson pickups with quick connect leads

    Just an idea; with everyone switching to 50's wording, there be many of the modern bords around used they have the.pots mounted and.all you'd have to do is drop it in, reconnect the ground, put the switch and cabl plug in and done. many.diff. pu's without...
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    Parsons sreet (hot) by stew mac

    Anyone tried the new "hot" variety pu's of.stewart-macdoald pardons st. Humbuckers? The at 50 bucks or so. Please describe and thanks in advance!
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    Anyone have the Sheptone AB Custom set?

    I have one in neck.pos, and a tribute in bridge. Love em!
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    Good Inexpensive Effects/Distortion Pedal For A Noob

    I also like the soul food, got mine for 49 new and free shipping. Aso a blues beaker clone, both are nice and od rather than distortion, bb is guit with just a little edge, sf has more bite. If I had to choose one I could not! Good luck with your hunt.

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