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    NAD Laney VC30

    Well i haven't had a Vox, i think it's in the middle but more Marshalish
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    NAD Laney VC30

    Thanks guys. Splattle, it's a 2x12. I had a Vintage Modern and this one is not to far from the Marshall, just got to crank it a bit :slash:
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    NAD Laney VC30

    You say everything this amp is :dude:
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    NAD Laney VC30

    Must be a huge monter in sound :thumb:
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    NAD Laney VC30

    Yes they are great amps. Yes, i got the 212 version.TOO loud :shock:
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    NAD Laney VC30

    Great amp, sounds fenomenal.Nice clean and dirts and articulates more the sound of my wah.Great buy.
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    Brand New! All Gibson 2014s Launch Here First

    I didn't smoke anything but i like the whole line up.Except for SGs.
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    2014 LPs in stock!

    Glad to see that you can choose between min etune or normal tuners. They look great imo.:dude:
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    NGD!!! (pic heavy)

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    Post your Rig...

    This is mine:)
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    help me pick a guitar (gift)

    Hi dad, i'm your son.Thanks for everything and please buy any Gibson you want :D
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    Is this '74 legit?

    Excellent guitar.The pickups are not original, she came out with mini hums.Tuners not original, hardware not original. Just the body, neck, color and switch washer are original. Price should be around $1500-$2300 tops. Great guitar :thumb:
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    Help LP Custom 75: Kalamazoo or Nashville?

    Yeap 100% KM Nice axe:thumb:
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    Any News on 2014 Les Pauls?

    Or a 70s Les Paul with pancake body :naughty:
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    Valvestate vs102r Price??

    I guess that the price should be somewhere between 200-350 dolars. Thank you so much, any other info is appreciated.:thumb:

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