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    Great color on that one!
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    What’s the deal with guitar collecting addiction?

    More guitars make you a better guitar player. Everyone knows that!
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    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    Of all the guitars I've owned over 40+ years, my Memphis Custom Shop '61 Reissue VOS Figured with P-90's is my hands down favorite. Prices on the Memphis Custom Shop guitars are getting crazy.
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    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    I never needed or wanted anything other than the vintage Boss DM-2 I bought in the 80's.
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    After years of painstaking buying and trying, many tens of thousands of dollars spent, I've finally found the best Les Paul... and it's an R8!

    Nice grab on your R8. There is something about these subdued tops. I suppose the best time to write an entire essay here is during a quarantine. The most important thing you said was that this guitar inspires you. Congratulations.
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    NGD: 2020 Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Since you said that the box looked damaged, and I assume it was in the same area as the strap button (bottom), I'd suspect that it was damaged in shipping. This might also be why the case is out of whack. It happens in shipping and getting the freight company to accept responsibility is a...
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    Another Interesting New Guitar Day - Opinions?

    I get your concern about it, but you said it sounded killer. I recently bought a Les Paul Special, Limited Edition Honeyburst. I rarely buy guitars online, but I'd been looking for one locally, and the ones I found were real plain looking, not like the pictures on Gibson's website. When I found...
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    Will Gibson Make Another Collectors Choice Run??

    I recently sold my Vibro King amp to a local guy in a small mountain town about 2 hours from me. I delivered the amp to him because I have friends in his town. When I brought the amp into his place he had a gorgeous Les Paul on his couch. I asked about it, and he said he recently bought it from...
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    NGD - 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    I agree with the color. Yours looks more like a Light Burst. Mine is a Honey Burst. I've never figured out the XXX Burst colors.... some seem to cross over.
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    NGD - 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Nice top color on this one. The burst colors are very similar to my 2002 Standard. Not sure what Gibson was doing in 2002, but I know 2 buddies who have 2002 Standards and all the tops are real nice on them. Congrats.
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    Epiphones Getting Gibson Headstock Designs Soon

    A few years back I had an Eppi Les Paul with the Gibson style headstock. The electronics and pups in it sucked so I sold it off.
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    A Nice Day For Pictures

    That turned out great. I have a couple of nice flame top Les Pauls and dig them. But whenever I open the case of my G0 Plaintop in Lemonburst with the minimal mineral streaks in the top I think that is how a vintage Les Paul should look.
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    New Arrival Red Teaburst 1959 Reissue

    Fantastic color on that one!
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    1955 Les Paul Jnr Resto-Mod

    Wow, fantastic looking piece. Maybe Gibson will start a Special Edition?
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    NAD: 1 of a kind Fargen.

    As I stated on this and other forums, I'm a big fan of Ben Fargen's builds. I bought my first Fargen amp, a MiniPlex MKII 1x12 back in 2003. Since then I've bought 5 Fargen amps and Ben has done a check up on any other amp that I've bought. Over these years Ben and I have become friends and he's...

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