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    Gibson Slash 2021 Left handed - QC blunder?

    Another fellow lefty who completely understands the difficulty of finding amazing lefty guitars. I agree with all those who said to keep it, however, start the warranty claim with Gibson. That would drive me nuts, especially since you would see it every time you look at the fretboard. It's...
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    Old Strings VS New strings

    I have had a set of d'addario NYXL's on one of my guitars for over 2 years and I swear, they sound better with age. Not changing until I break a string.
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    Looking to try some new strings

    +1 on the NYXL's and all who responded with those. I use 10-46 on all my guitars. These strings are great in a number of ways: 1. Tone: Sound better than anything I used in the past (regular DA, EB Slinky's, etc.) 2. Life: They last forever. Very little breakage and they actually seem to...
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    What do you think is the best Marshall amp ever made?

    Granted I haven't played all the Marshall amps listed in these pages and I do have a 1985 Marshall JCM 800 2210 (which is really great), my preference is the Marshall JVM 410 HJS (Joe Satriani model). The options are endless and it simply sounds great. So much versatility with 4 channels and 3...
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    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    I would gladly trade you a set of mint Burtbuckers for the Custombuckers. I have always wanted to try those. Mine came out of my 2013 Standard. They are chrome covered and have the quick connect plugs on them (which can be easily removed and soldered into a new guitar). Happy to help your...
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    String Brands....

    The NYXLs are my favorite. They live up to the marketing promises. A. They last forever and it sounds really unusual, but I feel they sound better as they "age" B. Never break C. They sound great I did recently buy a 2013 Traditional and it has silk wrappings down by the ball ends. I...
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    2016 Traditional

    Congrats on the sweet new guitar! I have a 2013 Trad with 57/57+ pickups. I keep them in that guitar to have a lower gain "traditional" sound, but it took me a while to come back to those. Before I had the '13 Trad (just bought that in late 2020), I tried 57/57+ in my 2002 Custom and it was not...
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    What's the difference between Burst Buckers and Custom Buckers ?

    Not to throw a wrench into the discussion, however, the BB Pro's are alnico 5. I certainly have had a love/hate relationship with those. They do get ice-picky on the bridge. I just could never be satisfied with them in my Standard and replaced with Seymour Duncan JB/'59. Much hotter, but...
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    Post your 2 favorite amps

    These two are on my list to try. Covers the full spectrum (Mesa and Marshall flavors). I had a Bogner 20th Anniversary Shiva, but just never lived up to my expectations. My main amp is a Marshall JVM 410HJS. Also have a 1985 Marshall 2210 and an EVH 5150 III. I have been considering the Mesa...
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    NGD (sorta) Gibson LP Custom 2016

    I've been looking for the same combo, but matching zebra. Not sure what the deal is, but very difficult to find.
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    Does owning a great model of a guitar make you want a second one?

    I was going to post something similar. Slim pickings for us leftys! I have a '02 LP Custom, '13 LP Standard & '13 LP Traditional. I always have wanted a late 80's Black Les Paul Custom as the sister to my Alpine White LPC. Definitely can't justify it. It really is an addiction! I have a...
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    Has Anyone Cleaned/Washed Their Case?

    I wonder if this could have negative effects on the guitar later on? I have a white fuzzy Gibson case for a guitar I just bought. Very dirty inside and need to clean it. I was thinking of using a hand-held steam cleaner, but not sure of there's something easier. Thoughts?
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    Fade to Black Lead Tone

    And Kirk is a huge Michael Schenker fan....
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    Decent padded strap?

    These are the best (for me). Use with strap locks on all my guitars...
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    The best American band of the last 30 years...

    I think Metallica has to be up there. Also, add Tesla to the list.

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