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    Spent 8 hours at the E.R. yesterday. Hit with a crazy bill at the end.

    Charlotte NC - free marking at main hospital, plus all the smaller satellite ones. Good to live in the south.
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    FS: Fender Pro Jr and Phaez SIBLY

    What's asking price on the Phaez ?
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    SOLD. 2013 Gibson Les Paul R8 Aged - $2775 or $2500

    One of the better relic jobs I have seen, and I'm generally not to interested in aged guitars. Especially like the headstock treatment.
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    Flying V regrets

    They didn't really have those back in the day.
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    Guild D-40 vs D40-SB

    The RI-built Guilds are generally a bit over-built, but they play well, sound good, and last forever.
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    Gibson should sue themselves

    Not really. This is old news. Paul Tutmarc was making solid body electric guitars in the 1930s under the Audiovox name. They didn't have the same cutaway as Gibson but did offer full access to upper frets. And Gibson's own arch tops of the 1930s had a similar cutaway when introduced in 1939...
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    Alex Lifeson Talks About Rory Gallagher

    Rory also played mandolin pretty well, and also saxophone.
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    97' Les Paul Custom with Custom Shop Badge?

    Historic LPCs of the period had darkened binding. This one clearly doesn't.
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    Memorial Day Gibson Git-Fiddle late '52 or early '53 LP STD

    I like that one fairly thin piece of flamed maple on the top.
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    Crossroads Festival conundrum

    Stay the second night. Given your travel costs, it is only marginally more cost. Then you get to see everyone play.
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    Christone "Kingfish" Ingram

    Been watching him on youtube. Does a nice version of "Purple Rain."
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    Is this a pre historic?

    A Randall is correct. This is a LP Classic model.
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    Gibson shipping ledgers

    The book “Gibson Shipping Totals: 1948-1979” was published in 1992. Not easy to find, but they are out there.
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    Most Desirable Runs of Historic R9 Les Pauls

    I think the earliest models are most collectible, and always will be. Who here has a 1992 or 1993 R9 ? When have you seen one for sale on this board ? That’s exactly what I mean. While rareness doesn’t make for the best guitar, among collectors it is an important consideration. Those...

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