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    1969 Gibson SG Standard !! Get your Angus on for a killer price!

    Especially at that price I'm shocked to see it hasn't sold. GLWS!
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    New Kansas album being started

    As long as it's not another "Drastic Measures"... :shock:
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    Hilarious Les Paul (the man) picture

    Nah, vape pen.
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    FS: 2013 Gibson SG Original

    Man, that's a dream! GLWS!
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    Got Some Great News!

    Kick ass, man! :thumb:
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    Veterinarian = License to Scam

    This. A great relationship with your vet is key to a long and happy life with your pet. If anyone doesn't trust their vet, or their vet tries to stretch the bill, find a new one. There is no shame in finding the best possible care for your pet. We moved to Austin and again took Scrappy to...
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    Crazy guitar for sale. Kiesel Edition!

    Ho. Lee. Sheet. :shock: Stunning. GLWS!
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    FS/FT Zakk Wylde Aged LP

    Coming back to this, still blown away at the beauty...
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    I just gotta talk about BB a minute

    Grief is always different, for everyone and every loss.
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    What bands would you like to see cover what songs?

    I'd love to head Mastodon's take on a Led Zeppelin song. :D Four Sticks, Immigrant Song, Baby I'm Gonna Leave You, No Quarter...
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    I just gotta talk about BB a minute

    I feel the exact same way. And like I don't even "deserve" to. Rarely listened to his music. But as posted previously, he was a huge teacher and leader for many. It's understandable.
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    RIP BB King :(

    It really sucks. He was a great teacher and leader for many.
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    FS Marshall 2205

    It's outrageous! How's $20? :laugh2: That's a great amp, GLWS! :thumb:
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    Nearly one year later

    Thank you guys very much! :)
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    Nearly one year later

    Last May, I posted one of the worst threads I've ever posted: But soon after, found a way to make light of the situation. And that comes to fruition today! Proudly, I'd like to share with all of you my new EP, "Thank You...

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