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    Randall Colossus???

    Guitar Center has one for sale right now
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    TopHat Emplexador MKII

    It's sooo purty, glwts!
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    Sorry folks they're just actors..

    Obviously fake, that dude on the right would still be on the island in the pork chop platoon, not out in the ****
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    If you could only know 1 solo, what would it be?

    Zep - Heartbreaker
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    What was your last 'impulse' purchase great or small

    this shiny unfired Colt .45
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    What car do you drive?

    In the winter or when it's raining When it's nice outside What I'd prefer to be driving
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    Pokemon Go

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    When I was in high school and into mostly Maiden, Zeppelin, etc, a buddy dragged me to an Arlo Guthrie concert and I thought I would hate it, ended up loving it, been a huge Arlo fan ever since. That's partly why I can't get into Dylan, when I need my folk fix I turn to Arlo cause I can...
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    Funny Dylan story, about 10 yrs ago I was at my cousin's house shootin pool and hangin out, he's about 15 years older than me and is a complete Dylan nut. Radio is on and GnR's "Knockin on Heaven's Door" comes on, and I'm like "I love this song, I can't believe Bob Dylan did a cover of it" and...
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    Exatly, and most of the covers my heroes did of his stuff are so different(and better imo)
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    I tried to like him, just can't do it, he sounds too weird when he sings. I appreciate that he's basically the godfather of classic rock so I went to see him in concert last year, didnt recognize one single song lol, even all along the watchtower, sounded so dif from Hendrix's cover
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    Gran Torino

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    The one ingredient that RUINS an otherwise perfect recipe

    For me to even try a food, it has to look good and smell good, and that rules out all kinds of stuff. Pickles, mustard, mushrooms, tarter sauce, cottage cheese, any salad dressing etc.
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    Here's one for the hotrodders

    He was like "When I hit the turbo boost theres a 50/50 that it's gonna explode" but it didnt. Come to think of it, I havent talked to that dude for a few years, he's probably dead lol
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    On this day in 1980 Led Zeppelin performed their last concert together.

    Sad but true, sucks that they wrote some of their best stuff after Plant's voice was shot and Page had lost some of the magic from those fingers. I used to be in such awe of them I'd listen to the shows from '77 and think they were awesome, but now they're painful to listen to, especially Page's...

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