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    Looking for G-K 2000CPL Preamp

    Morning Everyone! As a huge Adrian Smith/Alex Lifeson nerd, and have been looking for a Gallien Krueger 2000CPL preamp since about the new year, with no luck. If anyone has a unit they would be willing to sell (or trade, though I don't have much excess gear), please feel free to let me know. I...
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    What’s the deal with guitar collecting addiction?

    There are people who collect bottles of wine so I am not sure if anyone can rightfully be angry about having a functional guitar collection.
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    Explorer Style Kit

    Thanks smk, this looks like just what I am looking for. Do you happen to know if they do custom inlays, especially from CAD files? Thanks!
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    How important are looks to you?

    One of the best pieces of advice I got is that if you can't get over the way a guitar looks, no matter how it feels and sounds, don't get it. You are going to be the one who looks at it the most, and you should spend your money on something that makes you happy. As for looks matching the genre...
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    Explorer Style Kit

    Afternoon all, I have been thinking about building a customized Explorer style guitar for a few years now, and am starting to think seriously about it. Would anyone here have any recommendations for a set-neck, 1984 style (no top routing) body kit built to American specs? My idea is for it to...
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    Marshall Style Case for Rack Gear

    Greetings All! I recently picked up a VHT 2/50/2 poweramp, and so far I am really pleased with it. One thing I would like to do is put it in a rack housing that mimics a vintage amp head, so visually it fits in with my two Marshall heads. I know Mission Engineering makes a rack case like this...
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    Gibson Les Paul With a Poly Coat, Has It Been Done?

    That finish actually work really well on the SG. Thanks everyone else for the replies. I wonder if anyone has done it to a classic cherry burst, or some other "back in the day" style finish.
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    Gibson Les Paul With a Poly Coat, Has It Been Done?

    Afternoon all! Let me start out by saying, never, ever, ever, would I refinish my LP-C whit polyurethane, but when doing my research for my purchase, I came across a lot of higher end clones with poly finishes (Edwards, etc.). It made me wonder if for whatever reason, especially to avoiding...
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    Les Paul Custom Pickup Suggestion

    Hello Everyone! Now that I've had my Gibson LPC for a few months now, I have decided it is about time to swap out the pickups for something more my style. It is a stock 2014 with 490R/498T pickups, which sound delightful, but I'd like something with a bit more punch. My other main guitar uses...
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    New Custom Set Up and Care

    Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll look into these suggestions. Pics for the Pic God!
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    New Custom Set Up and Care

    Greetings Everyone! I finally bit the bullet and got a LP-C in fantastic condition, a 2014. This is my first Gibson, and I have a few questions. My first is with regards to set up. Right off the bat I've noticed the tailpiece is low enough that the strings are making contact with the bridge...
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    LP Custom Headstock Finish Cracking

    Thanks Mudface! that is exactly what I am talking about. I don't have pics since I do not have a particular one picked out yet, still browsing reverb and local listings to find "the right one". I saw a late 70's LPC that had gotten a refin and it looked like it could have been a 2018.
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    LP Custom Headstock Finish Cracking

    Hello Everyone! First time poster here. After window shopping for over a decade, I've decided to finally get a black Les Paul Custom. One thing that I've noticed is that nearly all headstocks on ones from the past decade or so have the nitro sinking in around the edges of the logo and around the...

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