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    Riffing with a clean P90 tone

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    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

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    New vs. old strings

    Or the Optiwebs, even less coated.
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    Faber Master kit for my 59 ....

    Use the use spacers of your choice to get the correct height of the tail piece allowing a nice break angle of the strings not touching the back of the bridge and screw the whole thing down making a nice tight fit of the tail piece. The middle ones are perfect on my Corsa modded Les Paul.
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    WTF is up with these headstocks?

    I totally agree with this ^ :yesway: Custom Shop Les Paul model silkscreens are applied closer to the MOP than on the regular USA production Les Pauls.
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    Liquid nitrogen weather checking? (with the real stuff)

    Just play the f*** out of it 24 hours a day in and out of an igloo every ten minutes :jam::naughty:
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    2005 Standard Faded Value?

    If the original BBpros have been changed for high end boutique PAF PUs (Wizz, OX4, Throbacks...) the value might increase (second hand BBpros can easily be found at very reasonable prices.) Same if the stock harness has been changed for a better one with quality pots & caps. YMMV.
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    Out of phase pickups. What have you done?

    2) I have a Corsa mod Les Paul Standard Faded LCPG (# 282 you guessed it) with the neck PU magnet flipped and 2 Les Pauls with the JP wiring and I personally can't hear a difference between OOP with magnet flip or with JP wiring. YMMV. 3) It's the sound I get with JP wiring when both tone pots...
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    Is this normal??

    Congrats, it's a beauty!
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    Out of phase pickups. What have you done?

    For anyone interested here is, step by step, the Jimmy Page 50's wiring schematics I've used:
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    Out of phase pickups. What have you done?

    Indeed they are capacitors, not resistors. On my #1 they are Luxe PIO Bumblebee, capacitors set 1956-1960 "Woman Tone", 0.015uf 400 VDC for the neck and 0.022uf 400 VDC for the bridge. On my other LP they are Russian K40Y-9 & K40P-2 military PIO capacitors, also 0.015uf 400 VDC for the neck and...

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