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    2016 Les Paul CM T

    Did they make the CM in 2018? I thought it was only 2015 and 2016. Thanks!
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    POLL! Which one do you like best?!

    Lemon - which I consider a third cousin to TV Yellow. Which is my fav Gibson finish.
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    Are the 'Custom Buckers' in new R9's a good pick up?

    The Custom S Bucker was originally in the Custom Shop CME Junior I purchased 3 months ago, but that was taken out by the original owner. I was looking for one for the Junior to return it to stock (though I removed the wire tapping set up in favor of the Emerson Junior set), but when I purchased...
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    Change in Custom Shop Les Paul Junior and SG Junior Cases

    I purchased a Custom Shop Junior with the brown case from a major retailer, but returned it (among other reasons) because the guitar didn't sit properly in the case. According to that store, this is a problem that Gibson Custom has with Junior cases. The new Custom Shop Junior I have now has the...
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    Are the 'Custom Buckers' in new R9's a good pick up?

    I purchased a pair of unpotted Alnico 3 CBs that came out of a 2019 R9. The bridge one went in my Custom Shop Junior and sounds fantastic. Very airy and PAF - like. The neck I am saving for another guitar. The unpotted were designed to be just like the original PAFs. You can't buy them from...
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    Bring Out Your Juniors! (and Specials too!)

    Here are my two Custom Shop Juniors. A 2019 Les Paul TV 1957 reissue with a Mojoaxe pickguard. Love the contrast between the yellow / tortoise shell pickguard / black plastics! NGD post coming.... The second one is a 2018 Les Paul Junior in Sunshine 1958 reissue with an unpotted Alnico 3...
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    Recommendation - Tortoise Shell Pickguard for a Custom Shop TV SC

    Just installed this Mojoaxe pickguard, courtesy of @Danelectro. Photo is not the best, and I still need to do a proper NGD. But I can say without reservation that @Danelectro does fantastic work and I recommend him highly. Gives this TV reissue the pop I was looking for!
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    Creamtone Issues

    Sorry to hear that others had problems before the pandemic. I *never* did - and I am not a friend or family of Lonnie.
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    Creamtone Issues

    He's had some issues over the past year and those seem to be lingering. Before the pandemic he was always very responsive and the product was of high quality. I was thinking about Creamtone for another item or two but I've held off until his business bounces back - which will be about the time...
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    Grover Tuners for a Custom Shop Les Paul TV

    Hi All, I've been thinking down the road about installing aged Grover tuners onto my Custom Shop TV Model. Purely aesthetics. I know that the Grover 502C drop into a Les Paul headstock without drilling, which I do want, but I don't see them coming in an aged nickel version. Does anyone know...
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    Underneath a TV Reissue SC Pickguard

    That's the sort of reply I am thinking of....the Custom Shop says the long neck tenon is historically correct, but that may not be entirely correct. :(
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    Underneath a TV Reissue SC Pickguard

    This is what appears underneath my TV reissue's pickguard. I thought that the long neck tenon would stretch farther down, but maybe I am not correct with that perception. Now looking forward to the Mojoaxe pickguard from @Danelectro
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    Recommendation - Tortoise Shell Pickguard for a Custom Shop TV SC

    Both look great, but the first version is more what I had in mind. Email coming....

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