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    Happy Birthday Roberteaux!

    Happy birthday Rob. :cheers:
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    Who Is Faster The 68 Charger, Or the 2018 Challenger ?

    I drove a rental charger when I was on vacation in the states. Man, I sure did love that car. So much nicer than my VW rabbit 1,3 3 cylinder diesel. :) Pretty boring to you yanks probably. :laugh2:
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    The “Baby It’s Cold Outside” controversy...

    Heard this one again last week and thought this is food for those assholes too because it implies traditional gender roles with the woman at home in the kitchen cooking dinner for the man who is working. I think it will be banned from the airwaves soon.
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    SilverTone 1485

    Those uncle Doug's video's are fun to watch. The dude has that dry sense of humor and the things he can do with those old crap amps is amazing.
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    Paris is Burning

    Them yellow jackets keep a tired man from slacking. Keep the cops from slacking for certain. Saw Clutch last night in Cologne Germany. There was a french band opening for Clutch. They were yelling somethong about Macron and germany and eco friendly farming or something. Allo Allo french/english...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It's a big ass game for sure. The visuals are stunning. The extra characters roaming the world weird as expected. :thumb:
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    RIP. Just as of last year I got into Tony Joe, very unique sound he had. Bought this live album on iTunes last year. The guitar sounds so fat even though it's clean on this one. These old songs of his sound so cool.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Pre ordered. Will arrive today. But have a late shift in the hospital tonight. :( Pre ordered gets you some extra guns and horse too.) Tomorrow it will be then. The weather is crap so good for gaming this weekend. :thumb:
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    They shall not grow old

    Wondering about those 1960's interviews as well. Like they mentioned we think of WW1 as this really horrible muddy meat grinder. Those soldiers thinking it was in some ways better then being at home because of the friendliness within the ranks is something I hadn't heard about.
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    They shall not grow old

    A new Peter Jackson movie where they took WW1 footage, colored and fixed and added to the frame rate so it looks like real people and takes away that Charlie Chaplin slapstick feel to those old films. Forensic lipreaders analysed what they were saying and they added that with matching background...
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    Fortnite player, 45, threatened to shoot 11-year-old who bested him: Cops

    I only play multiplayer games with friends. Making a party and just trash talking to each other about the other losers in the lobby. :laugh2: One friend gets banned from xbox live on a regular basis for sending trash talking messages to others who annoyed him lol. If on occasion I play COD or BF...
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    Glock 17 gen 4 issues, any owners here?

    Oh, right there is a gun thread. Maybe a mod can move this into that thread?
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    Glock 17 gen 4 issues, any owners here?

    Right, about the amount I get to fire weapons myself too. :laugh2:
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    Glock 17 gen 4 issues, any owners here?

    So, our sidearms got renewed from the old Glock 17's (I'm guessing first generation) tot the gen 4. Had a chance to shoot it last week. I put maybe just 30 rounds through it as I was tasked with being range commander and chief instructor so I only shoot with my instructors to demonstrate how a...

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