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    Warped neck?

    That looks warped to me and I used to tell myself the same thing about the optical illusion caused by the nut, etc. about my '77 Custom, which is way worse than yours. The true test to see it is to hang the guitar on a wall hanger - is the headstock straight on and the body isn't or vice versa...
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    ‘56 Inspired LP Build

    Okay, thank you! I'll check it out.
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    ‘56 Inspired LP Build

    Thank you for posting this - looks fantastic - Inspiring! Can you share whose plans and/or templates you are using? Thanks!
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    Show me your knobs

    Just took my '77 back to stock but added Gibson 'historic spec' pointers, after having Dimarzio Super Distortion pups and micro switches for single-phasing on the guitar for over 40 years. Guess I've become a traditionalist after all these years but love that guitar again like Day One! And just...

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