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    Two Les Paul's to choose from. Should I go with my Heart or my Head?

    On looks alone, that Standard Heritage 80 just has something special going on
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    Opportunity to buy back my old Les Paul... Thoughts.?

    That's honestly one of the prettiest Les Paul's I've ever seen. Gotta get that home where it belongs.
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    Gibson LP Real or Fake?????

    Regardless of the fact that this guitar is fake as hell, whenever I see a "for sale" ad with pictures like this I immediately back away. Guitar thrown on to a dirty bed, sh*t scattered all over the place, gross toes in the frame.. It's 2020, literally anyone can take a decently framed photo with...
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    50s/60s Gibson Standards ... thoughts?

    It's insane to me that Gibson still makes a USA built Les Paul over 10 pounds. If it's sitting on your lap a few times a week, great. But if you're actually playing live, there are SO many better Les Paul style guitar options out there that are superior to the Gibson USA line.
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    rattle can finishes

    That looks fantastic Danelectro
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    This just makes you want to cry!

    There is no skill in that saw
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    Freddy's Build

    Part 8 .. I need you in my life.
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    Freddy's Build

    It's painful waiting for each video to come out! I'm really enjoying watching this process in all its detail.
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    nothing like a good partscaster

    Partscasters are my favorite guitars
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    Sorry for the interruption,What is this??

    I'm interested too.
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    good 2x12 (4x12) cab for rock?

    I've rolled through a lot of cabs and I finally settled on a Bogner Oversize open back 2x12. It sounds really punchy and open, and it's not too heavy. You should check them out.
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    PRS guitar Kit?

    No. It would most likely decrease the resale price.
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    Friedman Smallbox 50

    Congrats! The Smallbox is definitely going to be my next amp purchase. I'm just finding it hard to justify buying right now because my Landry LS100 covers a lot of the same territory. But the Smallbox 50 .. man, it's just has CRAZY good tone.
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    I LOVE mid century tube PA conversions! *CLIP*

    That sounds great! Throaty and smooth with a great breakup. :yesway: Love it!

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