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    Thread titles that appeared next to each other and spelled out humour.

    This reads like one of those spam emails...
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    Roller coaster

    Pops, my condolences to you and your family.
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    Unboxing My 3D Printed Prosthetic Arm!

    You sure went out on a limb with that pun.
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    I can't believe it didn't fall

    That Maple is now an Ash.
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    Roller coaster

    Wow! That is quite the roller coaster. Prayers sent for a speedy recovery.
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    A rooster, goat and a chicken

    I'm 99.999% certain that's what DavGrape's post, (post #2 up thread), is referencing.
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    Anybody having this issue with MLP ?

    Woking? I knew Apple was up to something with this update! :shock:
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    Guys, I'll be out for a few days..

    Dave, so sorry to hear this. Prayers sent for a speedy recovery for your sister.
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    New Here!

    Welcome back TT.

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