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    Time for a mundane thread...

    Picked up some new suet feeders as spares. I go through a couple each year. When the black bear show up after their winter nap they tend to destroy them. :mad:
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    I flipped one calendar back to February, I feel like living in the past for a while...
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    Ever flip your car over?

    I haven't rolled a vehicle, but I did tip my old 2001 Isuzu Rodeo onto its side after hitting a patch of ice. It was less than a month old and didn't even have the plates on it yet! I was only going around 30mph. It was repaired and I drove it until 2016 when I sold it. It had just shy of...
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    Winter in Texas

    Trees are pretty resilient, but you guys down in Texas really got hit hard. Hopefully the cold only killed the leaves and perhaps some of the more tender shoots that hadn't hardened off. I would think they will back bud on older wood. Occasionally our trees up here (Wisconsin) will get hit with...
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    I've flipped three calendars this morning. I have a bunch of watches to move ahead, I got the one I'm wearing moved to the first, the rest will have to wait until I remember to advance them.
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Cool photo!
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Yesterday I spent a while at the family farm with my brother cutting down and cleaning up some trees that had grown up over the years and were encroaching on the pole barn. Before the snow melts we'll burn the brush pile we've created. Probably spend another day cutting more in some other areas...
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    Happy Oneth of the Month to all!
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    Trumpeter swans have been flying around here like crazy.
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    When they run out of ideas...

    The Vice Grip Garage guy's work shop/farm is only about 15 miles from my place.
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    NPD: New Puppy Day

    Congratulations on the puppy, what a cutie!
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    God damn cancer

    Crap, so sorry to hear this. I lost my father to cancer back in 2007, he was just shy of 73. Cancer sucks!
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    I had that same problem, I resided with fiber cement siding, no more problem. :cool: Keeping suet in the suet feeder helps as well.
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    Oh yeah, when the Robins show up in the Spring they can be in huge flocks. Hundreds of them at a time, I've witnessed that a few times over the years, right place at the right time kind of thing. Then they disperse and you only see a few at a time.
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    They pass through my area as well, usually in May. The Goldfinches and Indigo Buntings show up then as well. Photos from my yard a few years back.

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