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    My first BURST to start 2021

    That is awesome! You have two beauties...HNVGD!
  2. KS 5150

    NGD : 1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom- Warhorse

    That thing is bonkers! I used to have a worn '89 black custom that I called the "Road Warrior", and this thing puts it to shame...absolutely amazing! Congrats idol, and HNGD!
  3. KS 5150

    Sophie's Choice

    Do you have the opportunity to try any additional ones?
  4. KS 5150

    2002 R8 Christmas Purchase

    Love the top on that, congrats!!
  5. KS 5150

    NGD........Part 2 of 2020 Standard !!

    So that's where Manny's went to?!?
  6. KS 5150

    NGD! 1984 "Birthday" Custom

    Suer cool, congrats! :thumb:
  7. KS 5150

    Moron owned Les Paul

    If you live somewhere where you have to carry a knife around all the time, maybe...move?!?
  8. KS 5150

    Ace Frehley Blue Burst Silver Sparkle LP Custom

    That looks fantastic John! Like it stepped right out of the "Fire And Water" video. So much like your former blue Ace its scary :thumbs:
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    My 2016 Traditional

    Some beautiful Trads on here! Here is my 2013:
  10. KS 5150

    2020 Slash LP

    I'm good with Randy Rhoads' name on my LP Custom...then again I added that pickguard. So it's not specifically a RR sig.
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    Opportunity to buy back my old Les Paul... Thoughts.?

    Get it back, or you'll regret not taking this opportunity, believe me. I'm trying to finagle a way to get my '89 Custom back that I foolishly sold to get my Rhoads LPC. If you can swing it, you should. You can always sell other stuff that isn't as sentimental to you as this one. Good luck!
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    Anyone score one of the Adam Jones Les Pauls?

    Nope, they still amber quite easily. I have a 2009 white Explorer that I bought new, that is now noticeably turning cream after 10 years. It always stays in its case so no exposure to UV light,
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    Gibson Explorer best years

    I have a 2009 Explorer that is a desert island's that good. The only best year I would imagine would be 1958.
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    Adam Jones sigs stolen during shipment

    Its good that they refunded you, but absolutely horrible that you missed out on something you obviously coveted. I'm sorry this happened to you.
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    WTB: Adam Jones signature Gibson Les VOS

    I get it. I was impacted in the same way with EVH & Randy Rhoads. I did seriously consider the RR VOS Custom when they came out in 2010, but didn't have the scratch then. My thought process evolved over time that it would cool to have an original '74, which was built in the same factory by the...

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