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    My car makes a funny noise..

    Well, if you were a real friend, You'd just burn it and take the lumps. I know.... Silence. You could hear a pin drop!
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    Dr. Dre in ICU!!!

    Bet Eazy-E had something to do with it.. Imagine NWA on stage up There? LOL
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    My car makes a funny noise..

    When was the last time you cleaned that Dessert Gunk off? , Best way to clean it so everything will be cleaned like it never got dirty... Or was there at all...... Bleach and Petrol combined and a remote starter that works from a long distance. Now whatcha gonna get? (You have paid yer Fire &...
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    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    Netflix and YT have a VERY interesting Documentary: My Octopus Teacher. Worth every minute. Nothing I ever expected either.
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    Actictivo Tequila Extra Anejo...extra smooth..

    Thank you for the heads up! Real good smooth neat tequila is a real treat. I'm a big fan of Gran Cava de Oro Extra Añejo
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    Dobies are special. I can't imagine how bad you feel, except when I've lost my pets. Inconsolable. I am so sorry for you all. Peace to you all when you can feel it again!
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    Look closely..... Head like Jeff Goldbloom? SQUASH IT!
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    Pointless thread

    Monte Monte Monte...... I'll take the box on the floor!
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    Pointless thread

    Which movie mattered? Point Break Or Breaking Point Neither.... Isn't that why we're here?
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    Pointless thread

    They put down people that keep chasing their tail(s). I remember when tail chasing was a coveted past time.
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    Happy New Year MLP. 2021 we welcome you with open arms.

    And yes..... The HAPPIEST of them all (So Far) to you ALL!
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    Happy New Year MLP. 2021 we welcome you with open arms.

    I am not in the neighborhood, But I'm leaving NOW and driving as fast as I can! Damn, that looks like you are one lucky man! Where are you again? LOL
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    My stimulus check is already pending.

    I didn't say it's a 12 Ga. LOL However, I am considering one or two. But shells in general have gotten too expensive to keep polished. It's 410, and slugs hit like a .357 magnum. Or LtDave when he's banning someone for ragging on the staff!
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    Happy new year all.

    May you all have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!. Maybe even find yourselves smiling more than ever! If all else fails..... Nitrous Oxide! :dunno::dunno:

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