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    Classic Gibson Les Paul Albums?

    Not on the same level as Free & Thin Lizzy, not even close actually, but strictly about guitar tone I'd put G'N'R albums, Appetite & Illusions. I can't stand Axl and his voice but I love Slash's sound.
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    Tokai with ebony boards?

    Αgree, that's how my Custom sounds too. Gibson rarely put ebony in Standards so brands who copy Gibson do it rarely too. Maybe with RW getting into CITES, brands will start doing it more often, Eastman does it with their SB59 model. On the other hand I feel that ebony will get into the CITES...
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    Your favourite Les Paul Custom?

    I like 'em all but gold accentuates Black Beauty's class. Black is the ideal color for the Custom, IMO. In order of preference: All gold Gold with open coils, especially with gold slugs & screws Sykes look Chrome, covers or open
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    Other V guitars

    Thanks, it's the only V I have seen with a Flame Mango, it's a beautiful guitar and a bargain considering the price. Momose is in another level, up with the best US brands. If you haven't played one you'll be surprised. They have a limited production, especially with Flying V's, you are very...
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    Other V guitars

    Judging from my LP a Momose Korina V is the best option for someone to have a '58 type V withouth spending a high amount of money.
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    Gordon Smith and "Junior" single cuts

    I've always read positive comment about GS guitars, I learned about them in the early 90's when I was reading Guitarist magazine. Here's a recent demo from them Personally, unless it's an exact replica, I don't expect guitars to sound like the "real thing". Instead I enjoy guitars that have...
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    Other V guitars

    Bacchus Mango Flying V
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    Would you buy a guitar from Japan without a HSC?

    I bought my Bacchus Flying V from Koiz (ebay & reverb seller) and my Momose LPC from Ikebe. The Flying V travelled in a generic gig bag that resembles the one of my '92 Gibson SG Special without the Gibson logo. The Momose came in a very nice gig bag with the brands name on. Both guitars were...
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    My Favorite Non-Pauls

    I can understand about the LTD's in the first post but I consider guitars with the same body dimensions & headstock shape Les Pauls. They are not Gibsons but they sure are Les Pauls even if they can't write that for legal reasons.
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    Bacchus mango

    We are pretty close, I'm wondering how many they made.
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    Bacchus V on the Way

    Both guitars posted look like mahogany to me but pics are small, can't be sure. Nothing wrong with mahogany though. Are these Japanese? Year?
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    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    From left to right: Momose, PRS SE, Warmoth Bacchus, Warmoth
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    looking for proxy seller

    Thanks for the explanation. I have another question about shipping. I put the weight & dimensions for calculation and I saw several options with different companies. If I win an auction the site will let me decide or they will choose one?
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    looking for proxy seller

    Can you explain how it works? For example, I make a deposit from my Paypal account. I decide the amount of money or the site? If I don't win the auction, they return the money?
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    Your absolute dream guitar pic

    These are two instruments I never had and I'd love to have

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