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    BTOTM - March 2020

    NIce tracks fellers! I haven't played in a while, but took a stab at this month's track. My Epi LP Custom silverburst through Yamaha THR10-C. Recorded with Audacity. BTOM March 2020
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    September 2019 BTOTM

    Here's my try. I'd rather hide behind effects, I definitely got lost in a few spots LOL.
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    August 2019 BTOTM

    Here's my attempt for August. I haven't' been playing much lately, this was a fun track to play to. Glad I got a take in before the month ended. Played my take on a Supro Hampton guitar through my little Yamaha THR-10C.
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    NAD - Peavy Studio Pro 112 (red stripe)

    It is 65 watts and a 12" Blue Marvel speaker.
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    NAD - Peavy Studio Pro 112 (red stripe)

    Just got this little beasty off of Craigslist. Paid $125 and it is in near mint condition. Had about an hour to fiddle around with it and I'm pretty darned impressed so far. I'm loving the tone and I think it was a steal at this price. I checked out some youtube vids from user "intheblues"...
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    One offs or rarest Epiphone LP'S?

    The MIJ Elite / Elitist Les Paul Studio in blue seems pretty rare. I've seen a couple over the years posted here and I'd love to get my hands on one.
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    April 2019 BTOM!

    HI all, here's my attempt for April
  8. Kong

    MLP February 2019 BTOM!

    Here's my shot at this month's track.
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    Building my second DIY LP

    Stunner - nice work!
  10. Kong

    Building my second DIY LP

    OMG that looks gorgeous! Amazing work thanks for sharing!
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    MLP November 2018 BTOM!

    My take on this month's track. Using my 80s MIJ strat into Avid Eleven Rack. Recorded on Pro Tools First.
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    September 2018 BTOM!

    Thanks for the compliments! I agree with you that the 11 rack delivered killer tone. I'm looking forward to figuring out everything it can do, when I recorded that I had maybe an hour total of playing with it.
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    September 2018 BTOM!

    Got a new toy yesterday - Avid 11 Rack. So taking another stab this month's track. This is my Epi LP Custom into the Eleven rack using the supplied Pro Tools First software. Someday I'll figure out how to get the levels right, but I feel this one is less obnoxious than my earlier submission...
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    September 2018 BTOM!

    Here's my attempt for this month. Epi Explorer / Yamah THR10C / Audacity
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    July 18 Backing Tracks of the Month #63

    My attempt that the A minor track. 08 Epi Les Paul Custom Silverburst with Duncan hotrodded humbucker set. Yamah THR10C.

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