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    Beginning of the end for Guitar Center?- Filed for Banktruptcy again

    Ya....while I'm not GC's biggest fan....this is sad. Also...unlike the other times....I think this is real. GC, Musician's Friend, Music and Arts are going to have to substantially change if they are able to exist at all. The economic climate does NOT bode well for any sense of optimism. We...
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    Post your Juniors

    "I wanted a guitar that Ted Nugent would hate". I love that quote so much. The guitar looks great....and enjoyed watching your playing. We need more YOU and less Nugent in the world.
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    Gibson USA clearance prices?

    I dunno. It is 6.8lbs and I like it. Not sure I really care in the model year in this case.
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    Another Junior

    Thanks for the article. I don't think of my nose as particularly sensitive and I have owned many smelly guitars over the years. This one....with its combination of new(er) fresh nitro and whatever cigar/pipe that this guy must've been smoking 24/ made me sick. I couldn't even leave...
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    Another Junior

    Vinegar on nitro? problems? I tried about everything....including even one of those ozone machines. I've had smelly guitars before...but this was least to my nose. It was almost as if the fresh/new nitro reacted unfavorably to whatever smoke it was exposed to. It was...
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    Another Junior

    Agreed. I'm keeping it.
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    Gibson USA clearance prices?

    I don't know that Covid causing the problem with inventory. I just ordered a brand new LPJr. Tobacco Burst Single Cut from Guitar Center and received a 2019 model (built sept/oct 2019). If you call the normal can generally always get a 10% off retail...occasionally perhaps...
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    Another Junior

    I loved my 2019 Junior. About a year ago I found a 2019 LPJr Tobacco Burst Single Cut on Craigslist. It had been produced at Gibson only 6 months prior to my purchase. The Seller lived in a rural area and I agreed to meet him 1/2 way when he was coming 'into town' to 'get his hair cut'. It...
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    NVGD: 60s ES-345 but what did i get?

    and for good measure....a shot of the switch through the f hole similar to yours on the 1967 Casino
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    NVGD: 60s ES-345 but what did i get?

    I just sold my 1967 Epiphone Casino...made side by side with that guitar in volute....1 9/16"....same tuners. Great guitar you got there...enjoy! The slightly earlier versions '66 or < are more 'desirable' among the masses due to the wider nut width....Like you I too find the...
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    Ditto X2

    Lay down a chord progression in looper... Then lead over it. Great practice. I love mine
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    1952 Goldtop Value

    Reverb LISTINGS are a highly unreliable source to learn actual sold prices. And reverb does not make it easy to see actual sold prices... Even within their price guide. Your better bet is the vintage guitar price guide. Reverb LIST prices are generally quite high.... Generally... With...
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    2019 vs 2020 Serial numbers

    Anyone know where the 2019 serial numbers end and the 2020 serial numbers begin? I'm seeing a lot of new guitars for sale with serials that begin "133" or "134"....then others that begin "20" ?? Help understanding appreciated.
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    A Few Mods to the New 60s Standard

    Unburst??. Gorgeous top
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    NGD-50's les paul standar

    We can get lost in the minutia....the Gibson marketing minutia....the forum post minutia etc. All I that these latest Les Paul Original series 50's and 60's necks....while slightly different...are VERY VERY similar overall. AND...both of these necks lean towards being beefy neck...

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