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    Duncan Amos vs Wizz vs. Throbak vs. ??? Best PAF?

    Tom has been retired for awhile now. Hence the rather large jump in these pickups prices in the used market.
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    Lollar Imperial bridge humbucker: excellent condition (Sold elsewhere)

    Bump and last price drop. As low as i go.
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    Does Gibson build guitars with Brazilian Rosewood boards anymore?

    Buddy and I went to Daves in LaCrosse two years ago as they had a big stash of Braz board Les Pauls. We were both completely unimpressed. Not only where they not very dark, they just didnt seem like good quality. Plus I think it was a 2k upcharge just to add a braz board. Kind of...
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    NGD Custom Shop ‘64 ES-335 Cherry

    Very nice. Same color as my 63 reissue (memphis). I love that darker cherry. To me...much more vintage looking. If your Wizz dont work out i found throbak KZ-115's to be the best pickups I've tried in these guitars. Neck is VERY clear. Clearest of all pickups I've tried.
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    How do the new True Historic parts and plastics compare to reproductions from other companies?

    Are you talking about "color" or more like "dimensions"? I personally think color is all over the map when you look at real bursts or vintage guitars. The wizz "bone" color is accurate for some vintage guitars and not others. I know i've seen pictures of many bursts that have bone colored...
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    Your favorite Throbak PAF and why?

    I've got a set of 101 + and recently picked up a set of the KZ -115's with Long A2's. I have run the 101's in my atlanta built LP replica and in my 63 reissue 335. I've only had the KZ's in my 335. To me, the KZ's are just the schnizzle. Love them. The neck is so clear on the 335 it...
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    ThroBak KZ-115 PAF's on The Doug and Pat Show

    Necro thread bump. I picked up a set of the KZ's (long A2's) and put them in my 63 reissue 335. I've had many many different pickups in that guitar and these are THE BEST that I've tried. I had a set of my Throbak 101 + in there just before putting these in but these are really a better for...
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    Lollar Imperial low wind set humbuckers (Sold elsewhere)

    For sale is a set of Lollar Imperial low winds. Condition is very good. Covers have some natural aging on them but i'm sure if you wanted to clean them up they'd clean right up shiny. Bridge: Lead: 9" Impedance: 7.95k Neck: Lead: 10" Impedance: 7.02k $245 shipped and paypaled
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    Lollar Imperial bridge humbucker: excellent condition (Sold elsewhere)

    For sale is a Lollar Imperial bridge. Condition is excellent. Still has plastic on cover. Lead: 16" Impedance: 8.39 K $140 pp'd and shipped.
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    Duncan Amos vs Wizz vs. Throbak vs. ??? Best PAF?

    Whats your budget? Start from there. Less than $200? Probabaly some sort of Duncan. $350ish? I really like Sheptones in that category. Used Fralins or Lollars. (Have not had Wolftones but hear really good things. $500ish? used Throbaks or Wizz. $600 ish New Throbaks...

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