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    (SOLD) Tonerite for Guitar

    For sale is a Tonerite for guitar. Condition is very good. I bought it 6 months ago and have barely used it. I bought an expensive amp recently so I'm clearing out some thing I dont use to raise up some cash. (You know how it is). So someone gets a good deal on this. $90 shipped and paypaled.
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    The Italian Job

    Adding pic of said guitar above:
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    The Italian Job

    I got the opportunity to play one of his replica's this year at my house. First off...the guitar itself was a thing of beauty. I know the owner said it had been mistaken for a real 50's les paul numerous times. (and by vintage dealers). I also will say that it was THE best playing and...
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    What is a correctly built “59” Replica worth

    Agreed. Its all about the builder and the reputation of the builder. Yarons and Bartletts = big bucks. Others...maybe not so much...even though they may be just as good. Its interesting thinking about how it being a lefty would affect the price. My initial thought was that it should make...
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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    After having multiple historic reissues....and now having owned 2 replica's....I cant see myself moving back to historics.
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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    That was awesome!
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    SOLD!!!!Two Rock 1x12 combo shell with speaker:

    For sale is my two rock 1x12 combo cab with Two Rock speaker. My Two Rock Custom Reverb V2 started off life in this combo cab but it eventually went into its own head cab and that is what I prefer. So...good deal for anyone who's wanted to go the opposite and turn their Two Rock head into a...
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    2012 R9 Murphy Aged...laminated fretboard?

    You've seen all the comments. Curious what you decided to do. Here's what I know: 1. There are people out there who will not buy a 2012 guitar unless its at a decent discount. This is not "fake news" but real. There are also people who could care less, have no idea about 2012. Hopefully if...
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    BadMojo Makeovers no contact

    Thats a bummer. His stuff looked good. Ask at The Gear Page also. He was a member there I know also.
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    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    GC's around here are really useless for any high end stuff. A standard les paul is good. Re: the braz R9s. Buddy and I went to Daves either last fall or this spring..i forget. Our stated goal was to try the braz R9's. Tons to pick from. All....uninspiring. For that really was...
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    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    Yep. I dont disagree that holding one is the best. Its one of the reasons I take the 3-4 hour pilgramage almost every year to Daves in LaCrosse where I can sit down and actually play a BUNCH of really high end guitars. Its nice. Its just so sad that all the places that carry the high end...
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    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    You must live in a guitar mecca where every guitar you've ever bought is sitting down the street in a shop or a short drive away. Unless you're awful lucky to be living somewhere where there are real guitar stores that carry a few different real high end guitars...every thing is bought off the...
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    Singlecut54 - Terry Morgan

    The nicest guitar I've ever played was made by Terry Morgan. Very sad.
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    Advice on 1952 Les Paul semi-restoration

    Love it. Dont change a thing.
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    Custom Shop 2019 R9 QC issue?

    The tone of some is still kind of dismissive and "know it all".

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