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    Star Wars: The little franchise that keeps on

    At least The Mandalorian and the final season of The Clone Wars have been awesome. Rebels was good, too. Movie-wise, 4,5 and 6 are still great. 1, 2 and 3 are tolerable only because of TCW answering a lot of questions. As well as TCW Anakin being a bad ass instead of the whiney goth kid we got...
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    So, Tim Pierce...

    Awesome player. Been watching his videos for a while now. He makes everything look so effortless. Wish I had even an ounce of his talent.
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    The Boys (Amazon Prime series (extreme gore/sex/violence))

    Great show. Though 8 episode seasons suck.
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    NGD: Custom Shop Modern Standard

    Sweet! Congrats. Wish they would offer that volute on the new production modern series.
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    Ecosexual ???!!! my brain just broke

    Are Ecosexuals those guys that love their knotty pine Telecasters? Maybe that's pronounced naughty pine.
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    MLP Backstage, a gift to warm your hearts..

    Damn straight. Made with pure Wisconsin flatulent cows milk.
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    Did Van Halen invent Power Metal?

    Ronnie James Dio era Rainbow is the beginnings of power metal as I see it. VH were the beginnings of the LA scene. Or at least the first to break out. Guys like George Lynch and Randy Rhoads, who were also part of the early scene, wouldn't break out till a few years later. Lynch with Xciter...
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    Love me some Schenker

    Killer guitarist.
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    When rock concerts were events

    I wish Steve, Billy and Greg would get a new singer. Put out their own project and tour it. I'd go to see that. I really do miss 80s shred. I was a young player and many of these guys really influenced me.. Steve Vai, Yngwie, Tony MacAlpine, Vinnes Moore, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, John Norum...
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    Such a fun weekend! Road trip to Ohio! Roller coasters galore!

    Cedar Point is awesome. Blows Six Flags away. I miss those days. After the wife hurt her back we don't go anymore. One day of roller coaster fun means days or weeks of pain for her.
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    Fake News & White Supremacy in MLB

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    I'm at chick fil a....

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    Speaker Suggestions? (2x12 cab)

    Looking at your current specs, you have 2 16 ohm speakers. Giving you 8 ohms mono. 16 ohms stereo. Tells me you are wired in parallel. If you go with the GB128, those are 8 ohms each. That would give you 4 ohms mono, 8 ohms stereo. Check to make sure your amp can handle those settings. Or look...
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    I saw Winger last night, yes, on purpose...

    I really liked the album they released a few years ago called Karma. It's actually a pretty heavy sounding album.
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    Florida never disappoints

    When did Tori Spelling dye her hair brown?

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