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    Blargh. Just checkin' in

    I know I'm .5 short, but....?
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    WTB:Good Looking Epi Les Paul

    To each his own, but I hope you aren't holding a bias for erroneous reasons, or against a guitar you haven't yet played
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    FS: Epiphone '56 Goldtop Les Paul

    losng hope bump.
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    Friendly Neighborhood Rascist...

    He was ignorant of the quality of Tokai guitars- not of Japanese people. He didn't call an epiphone a "Ch*nk" copy or say that a MIM strat was made by some "Sp*c". He said the guitar was a Jap copy. Unfortunately for many of the liberal manpurse-wielding anti-gettingtheirfeelingshurt...
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    Friendly Neighborhood Rascist...

    Well, gotta take his side on this one. Who wouldn't get offended from being called a racist by someone who doesn't know them via the internet? What he said wasn't even racist....
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    Anyone do buyer protection on mint guitar that wasn't ?

    Don't complain. The guy took a sure hit, once you count ebay fees and paypal fees. You got a great deal, and maybe he was a hobbyist who didn't notice the fretwear because he hasn't been playing long enough TO notice it
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    FS: Epiphone '56 Goldtop Les Paul

    College applications are expensive bump Update: savings are going in the bank for college next year, this guitar is going to be used to pay for college apps this month. Figure I'll be fine without a 3rd guitar. At $50-$100 per app and my looking at 6-10 schools... help? :laugh2:
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    FS: Epiphone '56 Goldtop Les Paul

    Double post
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    '97 Les Paul Standard w/lots of upgrades

    That's disappointing. Good luck
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    FS: Epiphone '56 Goldtop Les Paul

    Nope. Never got a case because I knew it was never leaving it's stand/my knee Thanks! My thoughts exactly

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