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    NAD Deluxe Reverb Tone Master

    Good looking amp! For amp purists these may be the future! No tubes to change, easy carry, traditional look and probably can't tel, from the tube version in a blind test. Congrats!
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    I may have to buy a Pod Go

    True but perhaps as a backup? Depending on the used features on the Helix the Go could be a viable sub even though they can't share saved presets I'm happy with my LT but budget-wise $600 cad (Go) is less than 1/2 the price for a lot of what the LT can do.
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    Which one to buy ?

    OP, why the "not LT" stance? Other than scribble scripts and a mic preamp it does and is everything the full floor is but significantly cheaper.
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    Poor man's Kemper...??

    One of the reasons Kemper does so well is it has something like four complete amp circuits in it and based on the profile taken, the unit selects the appropriate cct and tweeks the settings in it. I seriously doubt anyone else has done this.
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    Line 6 Pod Go

    I was referring to the pod go for $300. HDs are a different animal and as I mentioned I wouldn't bother with one these days.
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    Line 6 Pod Go

    Don't hold your breath on a $300 listing price. The direction I've seen is folks buying hi end units, then some sell them when the smaller, cheaper version comes out when they figure it'll suit their needs and not miss the extras the bigger unit had. With the PodGo it's already at a a great...
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    Line 6 Pod Go

    There's no way I'd recommend an HD these days. Basically its a dead product and does not get updates that include effects or models for free like the HX line does. If budget is a major factor then the PodGO or Stomp would be the best line 6 units to look at. Ibought my LT before the line...
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    These are Extremely cool. Too Bad For Me......

    I think if you've got the tools and skill set all the materials could be had easily enough! That way you could size it for the stuff you must be adding in on top of your Kemper?
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    Amp/Effect Modelling, Ten Years From Now

    There's nothing wrong with preferring one over the other and no need to bash the competition as a way to make any argumet either. HW modellers are not like Windows or Apple machines , they have their own OS. They don't need security patches, aren't on the internet and the only 3rd party stuff...
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    Amp/Effect Modelling, Ten Years From Now

    I've been using modelling amps of one type or another since 2010 after 34 yrs or so of using/owning various tube amps. Your point was definitely true until several years ago when modelling moved to being based off the amps design and components rather than the old way were some programmers...
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    spark amp

    If it were 40W into guitar speakers it'd be loud for sure. With tiny speakers like the ones in the box it's hard to say what that equates to, especially since they are so puny they will likely not project at all. I'm not sure I would want this live, and be stuck either living with a single...
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    Amp/Effect Modelling, Ten Years From Now

    What would be missing with apps is decently rugged input and output connectors, additional IO and handsfree control. Important for live use imo. The better modellers use dual dsp, phone cpu has been optimised for phones and certain apps but seems to be pretty powerful for a hand held device. The...
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    spark amp

    I'd think the main issue would be changes on the fly when using it live. With no ftswitches you're reduced to using the app on the phone/tablet or the manual controls. If you set up a single sound for songs and only need to change settings song by song maybe it'd be ok but then you're not...
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    spark amp

    Obviously for home use only but a neat toy. Price isn't bad either since you're getting an app to help learn songs.
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    Axe FX 2 with controller for Helix Floor?

    Not to offend but your comments on tone sound like they are coming from someone who may not be well versed in how to dial things in. Ex "steaming digital turd" There are tons of examples posted on other forums with excellent tones coming out of any of today's new modellers. Most are not using...

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