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    Humming issue

    Another suggestion. Plug a cable into your amp without the guitar (this is required because most Fender amps have a switch in the input jack to prevent the input from floating when no guitar is plugged in). Without touching the other end of the jack turn up the amp volume & gain and see if...
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    Fractal FM3 announced (AX8 replacement/improvement)

    Looks like a Stomp competitor specificaly. 3 Button, compact FF but possibly greater HP.
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    NGD: Gibson 2019 Les Paul Junior Double Cut.

    IT's been awhile but once I saw this new addition I was basically hooked. I currently own a 2010 R7 GT that is my keeper guitar. I was thinking for some time about getting either an Single coil guitar (Strat most likely - love the inbetween 2 & 4 positions) or something with P90s (still SC I...
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    Watch This Before You Spend A Quarter Million On That Burst

    I certainly couldn't tell a real from fake burst. However I know a suspicious website when I see one!
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    What IRs are you using?

    I use Helix cabs & mics so I can't offer much advice in this.
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    Just what the doctor order.. for me....

    Cool but discontinued! My wife tried to get me one for Xmas 2 years or so ago and L&M was out of stock and it went into backorder. 3 months later we just cancelled and they never did get stock!
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    The Official Headrush Pedalboard Thread

    Are you going into the front end or a line in (not overly familiar with the amp). If all you need is effects I would look at an HX effects. If you go line in turnoff cabs and be prepared for the amp and speaker to color evry preamp model you pick.
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    Mooer GE200.... opinions?

    As for tones, well one man's ideal is not necessarily the next guy's. I didn't care for what I heard and also didn't like the Boss stuff either but plenty of folks do dig it! The price is really reasonable for sure but it doesn't look easy to drive from the panel, no doubt a compromise due to size.
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    Mooer GE200.... opinions?

    Most pedals have a commonly available cast chassis (Hammond for eg makes many of the sizes you commonly see) and many mfrs just get them drilled, punched painted and silk screened. I have yet to see a chassis in the stomp box world these days that wouldn't stand up. The remainder of likely to...
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    Place is dead! Where is everyone?

    Modelling sectionis too small to support active conversations. I usually hang at the other site in the D&M section. There's more lurkers in there and anti-modelling trolls but there is more activity in general to catch up on. Ken
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    Best FRFR powered speakers Alto Tx , Alto TS212 or EV ZLX 12p

    Sorry but I disagree on your statement about xover freqs not being a factor. Its fairly safe to assume the lf driver range is a factor in the freq used. People keep choosing 12 inch woofers in frfr like they were 12 inch guitar speakers and most aren't hence the low xover freq. many use. If the...
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    Best FRFR powered speakers Alto Tx , Alto TS212 or EV ZLX 12p

    I'm very happy with my TS308 for home use!
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    Legend A30

    Well after all these years it may need some reconditioning but if you're ready for that and you like it go for it.
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    After several months with the Helix LT.

    Thanks Pops but I know what I'm getting into here! :cheers: I was already happy with the tones from one BX5a but it needed to sit on a stand in the master bedroom because its tiny, I needed to stay close because its a near field type with lo spl, and I robbed it from the computer room set! So I...