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    Helix HX Edit 2.81 is out.

    Did you do the factory preset update when you loaded 2.8?
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    Line 6 Helix vs Analogman King of Tone

    FRFR = full range flat response, used to try to reproduce modelled tones with ideally no, but in reality as little sonic impact as possible. AITR = Amp In The Room. The sound of a normal guitar cab unmic'ed as you hear it normally with an amp. Some players just have to have that, some of us can...
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    Line 6 Helix vs Analogman King of Tone

    The Power cab has the amp built in. It basically takes the place of a powered FRFR but with more AITR. Of course you can turn off CABs in the Helix and run into and effects eturn or line in and use the power amp section and cabinet of any tube amp too. I've been sticking to FRFR as one of the...
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    Line 6 Helix vs Analogman King of Tone

    I watched this alreadfy but I was impressed with the Helix performance on this! I've safely updated to 2.8 but have yet to gget the chance to fire it up. Update went exactly as described by Line 6 as well.
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    The Official Line 6 Helix Thread

    The headphone Impedance should be equal to or greater than the output impedance driving it! If the Phone Impedance was lower it would draw too much current and load the output too much.
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    Order the Kemper Stage Profiler?

    I would wait for some reviews. Sure the profiling will be a no-brainer but how easy will jt be to program and use?
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    2.80 for Helix has landed.

    The update notes do state that the spinning Logo may freeze during the update and not to worry, the update is still happening. Is that the issue you guys are talkign about? On a side note I'll be waiting awhile before updating. I need to back up everything in case I want to go back. While the...
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    Can you help me identify this cap inside my JTM45 esque amp?

    Soldered pretty poorly on that lh terminal as well!
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    The Official Line 6 Helix Thread

    A used LT is more than enough for home or even a Stomp should be fine if you don't need dual amps, a lot of effects or footswitches. I am having a blast with my LT and a TS308 with my two electrics.
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    Want to give modeling another chance

    If you want to try again you need to ask yourself a couple of questions..... are you willing to put the time in to learn how to use the product you choose and are you a die-hard amp in the room guy. If the answers are No and Yes respectively, you'll be dissapointed. The second question can be...
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    Humming issue

    Another suggestion. Plug a cable into your amp without the guitar (this is required because most Fender amps have a switch in the input jack to prevent the input from floating when no guitar is plugged in). Without touching the other end of the jack turn up the amp volume & gain and see if...
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    Fractal FM3 announced (AX8 replacement/improvement)

    Looks like a Stomp competitor specificaly. 3 Button, compact FF but possibly greater HP.
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    NGD: Gibson 2019 Les Paul Junior Double Cut.

    IT's been awhile but once I saw this new addition I was basically hooked. I currently own a 2010 R7 GT that is my keeper guitar. I was thinking for some time about getting either an Single coil guitar (Strat most likely - love the inbetween 2 & 4 positions) or something with P90s (still SC I...
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    Watch This Before You Spend A Quarter Million On That Burst

    I certainly couldn't tell a real from fake burst. However I know a suspicious website when I see one!
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    What IRs are you using?

    I use Helix cabs & mics so I can't offer much advice in this.