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    PSA: Gibson Les Paul Juniors (Vintage Tobacco) @MF $1099 Shipped

    Mine certainly is and my 60s Tribute GT as well, but the Junior is great. You guys will probably wince when I tell you that I bought mine for a 'good deal' in UK terms; £1010 (that's about $1230 apparently). The neck is nice and chunky though and it makes a change from playing my 60s GT or my SG...
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    Confinement Projects?

    I swapped over the contents of my Fame amp into my Tweed cab and got my lock down studio set up, with a new drum rug to stop the pedals sliding over the floor. Gold Top out and ready for action/recording, with the Junior, SG and others in cases behind. Ironically I've been so busy with work and...
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    What is The Most Expensive Guitar You Own?

    It's funny, but the most expensive guitar I own is also one of the simpler ones: My 2020 Gibson Les Paul Junior. Sadly I can't play it at the moment as it's in a wardrobe in the isolation unit of our house (ie the bedroom my wife is currently using). I didn't think to remove it when she became...
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    No more Gibson guitars at Dawsons Music?

    I'm not looking myself, but it's a good tip...I was just reading on here to occupy myself as I'm looking after my wife who has symptoms.
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    No more Gibson guitars at Dawsons Music?

    That's a good price, the only place I've found in stock for that price is Reidys (not that I've ever used them myself, so not a personal recommendation)...
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    No more Gibson guitars at Dawsons Music?

    That's surprising since I have Reading Dawsons close to me and Andertons is more of a drive, so I always check Dawsons first for items and 99% of the time they are more expensive. Hope you manage to get one sorted out soon. Can you cancel the order if you find another one available somewhere else?
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    Confinement Projects?

    I did a lot of small projects getting all of my guitars sorted out after Christmas during the dark winter months. Luckily I did order a Tweed cab to transfer my 'Fame' Champ clone into, so I have this cab to lacquer at the same time as a Telecaster neck that I started stripping the poly off...
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    No more Gibson guitars at Dawsons Music?

    Depending what colour you want, Andertons have some in stock and are probably cheaper than Dawsons. Personally I've never had much luck buying guitars online, but I know we have no choice at the moment. I've played a few of the Standard 50s Goldtop model (with P90s) and some were better finished...
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    Aging a New Les Paul Junior

    FWIW my avatar 60s tribute has just recently started showing signs of wear/ageing. I noticed that the top edge of the body (where I rest my arm) has kind of gone dull/patchy. It's a satin finish and quite thin I believe and although the guitar is a 2011 model, I bought it used about 4 years ago...
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    I really thought I was a Tele guy!

    Nothing wrong with having both. :) I haven't played my Tele much lately due to my new LP Junior, but I got it out yesterday and still enjoy playing it and the different sounds it makes.
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    Joyo JTA05 Champ clone

    I have one of these with the 'Fame' logo (I'm sure they are the same amp inside though). It works really well with my Strat, Tele and P90 Les Pauls. If playing at home (or mic'd up) you can get a really nice clean tone from it too. I've used mine for small open mic venues and with my 60s Tribute...
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    NGD: 2020 Junior in Ebony

    Happy New Junior Day. :dude: These are great guitars; I bought the Tobacco Sunburst version myself a couple of weeks ago; not a single issue with the quality (and I've been over it inch by inch). I like the chunky neck too; feels a bit fatter than my friend's 2015 LP Standard.
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    New Junior day!

    My knobs were some I already had that I bought for my Epiphone LP (which I have fitted CTS pots to). They are embossed. This is a closer view, though it's hard to see the height off the body:
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    Chicago Transit Authority officers shoot man who resisted arrest for moving between trains. (Transferring without a pass.)

    Thanks for the warning; I'm visiting there soon. I'll be sure not to resist. :D While I'm posting; what's the weather like there this time of year?
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    New Junior day!

    What does this mean in practice? The ones I got seem to sit a bit high off the body, but looking at the CS model it was like that too and even some original 50s Juniors seem to be a bit like that too. I was thinking I'd pack the pots with an extra washer inside the cavity to reduce the length of...

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