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    Clean boost with a slight touch of gain?

    Just received a TC Electronic Spark today. Has three modes, bass and treble controls, plus gain and volume. Seems to give a lot of variety (works nicely with my Champ clone giving the input a kick and effectively adding tone controls). I also own an EP boost and Tube screamer (and very few other...
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    Amp in a box pedals ?

    I recently bought the Mooer Preamp Live pedal. I can use it direct into the PA at rehearsals and gigs, or into a power amp (if an amp has an FX loop for example). I still prefer my Marshalls and Fender Deluxe, but it's so easy to carry this and a guitar to a gig or practice session. I tend to...
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    Won't stay tuned. . . .

    I just had a problem with my Gretsch not holding tune. It has a Graphtech nut as standard and seemed otherwise well set up. However I recently bought a set of nut files for a Partscaster project, so I did some work on the Gretsch nut this weekend: Problem now resolved; no lub needed either, just...
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    Post Your Telecasters! Here's Mine...

    I'm part way through an Esquire project: I've put it all together, cut the nut and done a full set up. Next step is to take it apart and prep the body for a respray: 99% decided on a Gold Top finish, which I will freeze to get some checking on it (to match the aged metal work). I'll spray the...
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    Tried a no load tone pot

    I recently re-wired my Telecaster as an Esquire and this gives the 3 way switch a choice between volume and tone knob (250K and 0.022uF in this case) or volume only (ie like a no-load tone pot). I was surprised how much brighter the volume only option sounds. I tried no load tone pots in my...
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    You have more than 1 Les Paul -- do you set them up the same or differently?

    I have one with Bareknuckle Mules :D (well an Epiphone LP anyway) and the other has the standard Gibson P90s, so they sound quite different to start with. For some reason the Epiphone needs 10s on it rather than the 9.5s on the GT otherwise the Epi feels too loose, so I guess they are set up...
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    Favorite Amp other than Marshall?

    Fender '64 Custom Deluxe reverb...completely opposite to both my Marshalls (SV20H and 2525H), which is why I wanted it. Lovely rich cleans, plenty of headroom for the gigs I play at and sounds close enough to the memory of a Twin I played through once, but I can actually lift this one. :)
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    Best Fender amp !

    I've got a '64 Custom Deluxe reverb and recently bought a Champ clone...both completely different amps and I love them for the different sounds they make. One was the cheapest amp I own and the other the most expensive, still can't separate them. I did once play through an original 60s...
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    NGD, Original Series SG Junior. Outstanding!!!

    I really like that metallic red colour. I recently played a friend's SG Tribute and it got me looking at them (again). I already have a 60s Tribute LP GT with P90s, so I don't know if I can justify it though. :(
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    Marshall Studio Vintage High Treble -- Too High Treble?

    Further to my earlier post where I felt that the honeymoon period was over for me and my SV20: I found afterwards that when jumpering it also depends on which input I plug my guitar in to, so it pays to experiment. Top left tends to suit my LP and bottom right suits my Tele/Strats. That is when...
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    Post Your Telecasters! Here's Mine...

    I did an Esquire mod on my White Lacquer 50s Classic as an experiment (I'd seen a similar one for sale, but wasn't sure it how I'd get on with one). I'm going to put it back to a Tele at some point though and either buy the used MIM Esquire or maybe mod an Affinity Tele I have and put a new neck...
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    Final upgrades done...

    They were very microphonic and dull sounding, so I'm not sure they would be worth the effort. I put them in the Bareknuckles box just incase I need them in the future, but can't imagine why when the BKs sound so good.
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    NGD Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Eric Clapton EC Grey Limited Edition

    Congratulations Crotch. :dude: I love the colour. I've noticed your signature on other threads and your impressive list of EC Strats. Does it have the mid boost/TBX tone circuit in it? I just fitted a kit to my JV Squier and I'm amazed at the range of tones I can get out of it now. I'm sorely...
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    Eric Johnson Stratocaster White Blonde

    Looks great. :dude: Looks like a NOS? I've been looking into white blonde Strats (I have a WB Tele already) but they all seem to be relic'd to some degree...I'd love one like yours. :)
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    Recommendations for preamp pedal please

    Mine was B Stock, so under $300 if my exchange rate calculation is correct. I'm sure there will be secondhand ones around before long, so just something to keep in mind.