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    Gibson Sonex

    Congrats. Ive got one as well. Its one of my go to guitars. Its worn in like a pair of old jeans.
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    1959/60 Melody Maker

    Oooohh...Nice!!! :cheers2:
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    Who loves an SG?

    I want in... My SGs: The old -71 Pros: ~65 Jr. Faded Crescent moon -02 and -11 SG Melody Maker Epi SG Goth. Currently on duty as a wall ornament but it is a great player as well. :)
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    1959/60 Melody Maker

    The fat one sounds great IMO. The thin one is pretty "feeble". You simply have to learn what the fat one looks like. Its not that hard even though the difference isnt huge. Google a bunch of pics and compare.
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    I want a Gibson. Head Vs Heart!?

    There are a bunch of great alternatives to a gibsons, but they arent gibsons. Go with the heart, period. Take it from an addict... ;)
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    Eight Million Headstock Breaks In The City; This Is One of Them.

    Awesome work! Really liked your setup for glueing the headstock.
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    Maybe taking a break

    Been going through the same thing the last year. Hang in there mlp-bro, it will get better.
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    Wine Red em!

    What the heck...still some wine red left on it..Its been through hell but it does the job :)
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    Heaviest Modern Les Paul You Have?

    Dont know if its modern but my -96 Classic, (not weight relieved) weighs in at 9.9 lbs. Always favoured lighter guitars but the weight adds some nice feel to it.
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    The price was a lttle high for me at least. Easy repair regarding the break though. Best way to get a nice player if your on a budget and able to use titebond and clamps.
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    NGD '65 Melody Maker!

    Awesome! Heck if these arent my favourite Gibson model. I agree that it would be a shame to route it. There are plenty of other options. Ive got a 65 as well. Ive been using both the stock pup as well as the recent SC from a 2007, (had a pickguard made for it). The newer one sounds great, to me...
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    Kirk Hammett Interview, Greeny Content

    I like both Kirk and Greeny so I think its great. Its in good hands and much better off than in the ownership of a collector.
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    NGD ..... 2007 Melody Maker

    Thats what MMs do to you. Theres no cure known to man. :slash: ...expecting pictures.
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    The 96 Classic project

    Cheers! :cheers::dude:

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